When should you consider an IUI Cycle

When should you consider an IUI Cycle – Need To Know

Infertility is a common condition these days. Both men and women face infertility issues which hinder their reproductive abilities. However, the level of infertility may differ person to person. In some cases, infertility may be mild and in other cases it may be severe. The treatment method of infertility depends on the type of infertility.


IUI Cycle


IUI is one of the simplest infertility treatment techniques which is used to deposit sperm samples directly into the uterine cavity. IUI procedure helps infertile couples to achieve parenthood while being less invasive and cost effective treatment. Intrauterine Insemination or IUI can be considered if you are facing any of the following problems.


Unexplained infertility:


In cases of unexplained infertility, IUI is considered as the very first treatment option. In such cases IUI Cycle generally performed using fertility medications to induce ovulation.


Mild Male Infertility (Subfertility):


If the male partner is detected with fertility issues related to poor sperm movement or poor morphology, IUI can be a helpful procedure. The sperm preparation methods can help separate out healthy sperm with high motility.


Ejaculation Related problems:


If your partner is troubled by erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation making you unable to conceive, you can consider IUI. Sperm samples collected from the male partner can be directly injected into the uterus to help you get pregnant.


Cervical Problems:


Cervical factor infertility can be caused by a tight cervix or cervical mucus abnormalities. These cervical problems can stop the sperm from reaching to the uterine cavity.


Need of Donor Sperm:


If the male partner is unable to produce sperm at all, female partner can get pregnant with the help of donor sperm. IUI technique is most commonly used in such cases using fresh donor sperm samples or frozen donor sperm samples.


Sexual Debility:


Those couples who find it difficult to involve in a vaginal intercourse because of unbearable pain can also consider an IUI cycle to achieve conception.


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