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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In vitro Fertilization (IVF) literally means fertilization in glass. IVF is used for the treatment of male and female infertility. Originally, it is called a ‘test-tube’ technique in which the process of mixing of eggs and sperm takes place outside the body. IVF is the basis of most fertility treatments. The fertilized egg, now considered an embryo, is then implanted back into the woman’s uterus. It was developed more than 30 years ago for the treatment of women with damaged fallopian tubes. Today it is mostly used to treat a wide range of fertility problems. The first test-tube baby Louise Brown was born in 1978 and since then more than 5 million IVF babies have been born worldwide.

Who needs IVF Treatment?

Success Rate of IVF Treatment in Delhi

The success rate of IVF treatment depends upon the number of factors including age of the women, number of previous IVF cycles, quality of embryos and number of embryo transferred. It also varies from clinic to clinic. However, the average success in IVF treatment ranges from 30 to 45 percent. The risks of multiple pregnancies with IVF have been considerably reduced.

Our IVF Centre is one of the pioneers of IVF treatment in Delhi. Since then, IVF treatment has developed rapidly – with more success rate and the risk of multiple births is much lower. We aim to keep the medication during your IVF cycle as minimum as possible while still ensuring the best possible chances of success. We also ensure your IVF cycles turns less expensive.

Advantages of IVF Treatment in Delhi

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Our unique approach of treatment means that every couple receives individual care. Over the past two decades, our IVF doctors have helped couples give birth to over 4,000 babies. The embryologists monitor and grade the embryos very carefully. We continually have the highest live pregnancy success rate with IVF.

Dr. Rita Bakshi’s can help you to determine if the IVF process is the right option for you. You can write us at [email protected] or call us +91 – 95555 44421 / 22 / 23 where you and your partner can get all the answers about IVF in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

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