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Egg Donation

For fertility treatments, egg donation has now become an essential part. Since the time it was introduced, many couples have overcome the infertility issues and have a successful pregnancy and childbirth. In the infertile situations, the couple can opt for donated eggs by which they can become pregnant without any risk involved. Mostly, the chances of pregnancy are higher than the IVF treatment, if the couple opts for the donated eggs. It is because the donors tend to be younger and more fertile than the women who are seeking IVF treatment.


The procedure starts with the selection of the donor. The donor once selected, undergoes psychological, medical and genetic screenings so as to confirm that the donor is an acceptable candidate.

For Prospective Egg Donors

We aim at providing childless couples with babies. At our IVF clinic, the egg donation process remains confidential and anonymous. We organize and arrange all the complexities which are associated with the donation cycle. We are striving hard to create possibilities for the childless couples to complete their family which they have dreamed of. The donor acts as a key to success as without their selflessness and open heart, this possibility would not exist. We guide and educate the donor about the process of egg donation from beginning till the end. The donor’s health and safety is always our first concern.


If the egg donor is married or they are in a relationship, the husband/partner must consent to the donation. It is strongly recommended for the married couples who are separated but not divorced that the husband consents the procedure. The women who are adopted are not eligible to donate eggs unless and until the genetic family history is known.


Once again, thank you for offering a gift of a lifetime!!!

Check List for Donor Options

Also, we check for:

The Egg Donation Process

Once the donor is selected for a recipient couple, the egg donation process starts and the process begins based on the menstrual cycle of the donor.

Screening Tests

These tests will need to be done prior to the start of your cycle.

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