Surrogate Mothers in India

IVF Doctor and Specialist Gynaecologist in Delhi NCR

All the surrogate mothers in Delhi who are enrolled into our program are between 21-35 years of age. They are screened for all medical tests as well as an infectious disease screen. Our surrogates are also screened for Thalassemia.

Procedure of Surrogate Mothers in India

Our surrogate program begins with the proper counseling session so as to prepare her about the entire journey. She is given then certain tablets followed by some injections. After the egg is retrieved from genetic mother approximately on Day 13, the intended father is asked for semen sample on the same day. Embryo Transfer will be done for the surrogate a few days later. She will be then again on certain medications for luteal support and a pregnancy test is done 15 days later to confirm if she is pregnant.

Special Features of Our Surrogacy Program for Surrogate Mothers

  • All our surrogate mothers in Delhi are medically and psychologically screened by a dedicated staff member and doctor before enrolling into the surrogacy program.
  • Each surrogate have at least one successful child birth with no complications and has gone through extensive surrogate mother requirements such as medical and genetic history, blood tests etc.
  • Help an intended parent to match with the most suitable surrogate mother that meets your needs.
  • Support you and your surrogate for legal contracts through a lawyer who work closely with the clinic.
  • Manage and coordinate all medical appointments with you, and your surrogate through a specially appointed Program Coordinator.
  • Disburse all payments to your surrogate in a transparent manner.
  • Provide physical, emotional and psychological support to both intended parents and surrogate before, during and after the surrogacy program.
  • Provide assistance to surrogate mother through medications, pregnancy, labor and delivery.
  • Monitor the health of surrogate at regular intervals at the clinic.
  • Ensure all the parties involved in the program receive proper care and maintenance with honesty, dignity and integrity.

How we help our surrogates

Dr. Rita Bakshi’s clinic offers unique and individual care for all the surrogate mothers in Delhi during the tenure of the pregnancy to ensure equal attention is given to both the surrogate mother and the baby. We are dedicated to provide all the help to a couple in third party reproduction.

At our IVF clinic in Delhi, we have a large database of surrogates and are available to help you to realize the dream of Parenthood. If you are looking surrogate mothers in India, cost of surrogate mother in Delhi schedule a consultation with us by calling +91 – 95555 44421 / 22 / 23 or drop an email at

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