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    Dr. Rita Bakshi - Best IVF Centre in Delhi
    Dr Rita Bakshi - IVF Doctor in Delhi


    Dr. Rita Bakshi is a leading IVF specialist and Chairperson of India’s premier IVF and surrogacy center, widely recognized as RISAA IVF. With a background from renowned names such as AIIMS, Lady Harding Medical College, St. Stephens, and her work with the best institutes from Singapore, Germany and Belgium. She has amassed invaluable experience in the fields of Assisted Reproduction, Laparoscopy, Gynecology and Obstetrics.

    Dr. Rita Bakshi has more than 30 years of experience as an infertility specialist. Under her leadership, RISAA IVF has turned out to be the largest network of fertility clinics in India.


    IUI Treatment in Delhi

    IUI or intrauterine insemination is a simple medical procedure that involves deposition of washed sperms into the uterus of a patient.

    IVF Treatment in Delhi

    In Vitro Fertilization, which is also known as IVF, is a technique of assisted reproductive technology that is used for the treatment of infertility.


    Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is an advanced form of in vitro fertilization procedure that helps to treat sperm-related issues.

    Surrogacy in Delhi

    Gestational surrogacy is one of the best options for childless couples to have children, and who can be genetically related to the biological.

    Egg Donation

    Egg donation is a treatment option for women who are unable to conceive with their own eggs.

    Assisted Hatching

    A technique that can improve the implantation of embryos into the women’s uterine lining.


    Cryopreservation is the use of very low temperatures to preserve structurally intact living cells and tissues.

    Infertility Workup

    Infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant naturally after one year of unprotected sex.


    In Vitro Fertilization
    IVF 75%
    Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
    ICSI 78%
    Intrauterine Insemination
    IUI 31%
    Surrogacy 85%
    Surrogacy with OD
    Surrogacy with OD 90%
    Frozen Embryo Transfer
    Frozen Embryo Transfer 62%

    Best Fertility Specialist in Delhi, India

    Dr. Rita Bakshi runs India’s largest network of fertility clinics, headquartered in New Delhi. Over a span of 10 years, she began to develop a national reputation for excellence in both pregnancy and delivery rates. Having dream project to help couples towards Parenthood. Dr. Rita Bakshi IVF Doctor in Delhi set-up various IVF and ICSI centers in several cities of India including Jaipur, Sonipat and Bikaner.





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