Assisted Hatching in Delhi

Assisted Hatching

Assisted hatching is a scientific technique which can improve embryo implantation into the women’s uterine lining, by creating an opening through which the embryo can hatch out. Just before the embryo implantation, it is important that the embryo “hatch” out of its outer shell (zona pellucida). Some embryo have thicker shell which decrease the ability of embryo implantation. Such situations may occur due to the age of the women or other unknown reasons.

For whom Assisted Hatching is recommended

What is Zona Pellucida?

The oocyte that is not fertilized is surrounded by a membrane called zona pellucida. This membrane ensures that only one sperm enters the fertilized egg. Once it is fertilized, the embryo begins to divide into two cells, then four and so on.

It has been observed that the women who are older than 37 years have a tendency to produce oocytes that are either thicker or harder as compared to the younger women. The same is applicable to the women with high level of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone).

In the case of harder zona pellucid, the embryo may to be hatched and attached to the mother’s uterus. Hatching of the egg is very necessary so that a successful pregnancy be achieved. During the IVF treatment, the laboratory procedures may add to the hardening of zona, as the embryo is not continually exposed to the enzymes present in the natural environment of the fallopian tubes.

We offer laser assisted hatching which is one of the gentle and safe way to weaken the harder/thicker zona pellucida. Using a laser that serves as the energy source to create an opening, a precise gap is created in the Zona Pellucida. The laser system includes the laser and the computer that allows the expert to precisely control the laser energy output and the laser pulse duration.

Several studies have shown that using a laser is superior to chemical and manual hatching. This procedure has many advantages such as minimal handling of the embryo and delivering fast and exact control over the drilling of the hole.

The embryologist performs the laser assisted hatching prior to the embryos being transferred back to the mother’s womb. Recent researches have proved that the women who had repeated IV failures have high chances of pregnancy by the assisted laser hatching procedure.

Assisted Hatching in Delhi Success Rates

Dr. Rita Bakshi’s clinic has a good success rate with the Assisted Hatching. Assisted hatching has produced an improvement in the pregnancy rates in women especially who were above 38 years, at our IVF centre in Delhi.

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