Training Centre

With the continual dynamicities in the arena of assisted reproduction, most of the infertility cases have been resolved. With the help of ART, the era of infertility can be overcome. The demand of ART is growing with the rising infertility concerns resulting in the need of dedicated embryologists.


IIRFT is a well-recognized ART training institute in India with the sole objective of producing successful and highly-skilled embryologists and IVF experts who are committed to perform ART treatments worldwide. Also, students at IIRFT receive quality learning and hands-on experience to nurture their skills and establish a career in the field of assisted reproduction.


We at IIRFT strongly believe in providing a thorough understanding of the concerns surrounding the available infertility solutions and a sound grasp of present strategies to overcome infertility.

Courses at IIRFT

IIRFT is proud to introduce 6 months ART fellowship program for thriving gynaecologists around the world.

The course provides one-on-one comprehensive training and is devoted to those candidates who wish to develop.

This course is ideal for beginners and aims at providing basic to advanced knowledge in semenology and sperm.

This course imparts in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge about all aspects of assisted reproductive.

The course provides a one-on-one training to develop knowledge and skills in all aspects of IVF and ICSI.

This module provides detailed theoretical and practical knowledge of Cryopreservation of sperms and embryos.

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