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Welcome to the Best Surrogacy Centre in Delhi – your ultimate destination for fulfilling your dream of parenthood through Surrogacy. Parenthood is a beautiful experience that brings immense joy and fulfillment to individuals and couples. However, not everyone can conceive a child naturally due to various reasons. In such cases, surrogacy has emerged as a ray of hope for those who dream of becoming parents.

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is where a woman carries a child for someone who cannot conceive independently. In medical terms, Surrogacy is assisted reproduction that involves implanting an embryo created by combining the sperm and egg of the intended parents in a surrogate mother’s uterus. The surrogate mother carries the baby for the intended parents and gives birth to the child. This child is genetically related to the biological parents and is nurtured by the surrogate mother’s womb.

Advantages of Surrogacy in Delhi

Delhi has become a hub for Surrogacy due to its cost-effective treatment, excellent medical infrastructure, and flexible surrogacy laws. Our Surrogacy Centre in Delhi provides various services that help intended parents achieve their dream of parenthood. Some of the advantages of Surrogacy in Delhi include the following:

Surrogate Mothers in Delhi

Becoming a surrogate mother is no easy feat. It requires a deep sense of altruism and a willingness to help others without financial gain. In addition, commercial surrogacy is strictly forbidden, so the decision to embark on this journey must come from the heart.


But that’s not all – being a surrogate mother also requires specific qualifications. As per the law, only married women aged 25-35 with at least one biological child are eligible. This is because having a child demonstrates they have the maternal experience and emotional strength to carry a pregnancy to term. Medical and psychological fitness certificates are mandatory to ensure the safety of both the surrogate and the baby. The surrogate must be physically and mentally fit to undergo the process, minimizing potential risks.


Regulations are in place to ensure that surrogacy is as safe as possible for all parties involved. Each surrogate is only allowed one attempt, and intended parents are limited to three attempts. Additionally, only one embryo can be transferred during each attempt. This ensures that everyone involved in the process can rest easy, knowing that everything has been done to make the experience as smooth and safe as possible.

Surrogacy Laws in India

The Surrogacy Act of 2002 has been replaced by the Surrogacy Act of 2021, which prohibits commercial Surrogacy in India and allows only altruistic Surrogacy. To ensure that the rights of both intended parents and surrogate mothers are respected, the Indian Council for Medical Research has established guidelines for Surrogacy. Appropriate contracts can be drafted and signed by the intended parents and the surrogate through our assistance to safeguard everyone’s interests. Also, when a child is born through a surrogate mother, the names of the intended parents are on the birth certificate. This establishes their parental rights under the law.


If you need a trustworthy and professional Surrogacy Centre in Delhi, your search can end here. At our Surrogacy Centre in Delhi, we provide various services that help intended parents achieve their dream of parenthood while ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the process. You can relax knowing that you will have the best possible experience with Surrogacy in India thanks to our regulatory standards and high success rate. Start your parenting journey with a consultation today.

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