Modern Day Lifestyle Putting Urban India at Infertility Risk - Dr Rita Bakshi

Modern Day Lifestyle Putting Urban India at Infertility Risk

Couples are finding it more and more difficult to achieve parenthood these days. According to a research report there has been a 20 to 30 per cent rise in infertility cases in the last five years in India. This is a huge number!!


Infertility is increasingly becoming a common problem in urban India. I have seen couples seeking medical help to alleviate infertility more common than ever. According to a report, India faces a high burden of infertility, with around 25 to 30 million couples in the reproductive age suffering from lifetime infertility.


When we talk about infertility in the modern day scenario, the rise in infertility cases is alarmingly high and most of them are from metros?? This is not necessarily true If you are looking for the reason for this, you can blame the modern lifestyle.- do more research and add information on what lifestyle disorders lead to such problems. Ask the doctors also???


The number of infertility cases was considerably low when assisted reproduction techniques came into existence but it has increased exponentially since then.


What Lifestyle Changes can you make to improve fertility?


  • The first and the foremost thing you should do is a regular exercise. It is good for your overall health. Even a moderate physical activity like a walk can be really helpful.
  • Make some changes in your diet. If you eat a lot of junk food you may miss the necessary nutrients that are required by your body.
  • Eat healthy meals at home and add some fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains to your daily diet.
  • Smoking can impact fertility very badly in both men and women. So if you do, you should stop it for the sake of your fertility.
  • Frequent consumption of alcohol can also affect the fertility so try to avoid it or at least limit it to the minimum.
  • Try to manage your stress levels by practicing yoga, meditation or massage therapies.


Although some of the causes of infertility like genetic disorders or accidental causes are beyond the scope of our control but we can make slight changes in our lifestyle to realize the dreams of parenthood.

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