Surrogacy is a Happy Journey with Dr. Rita Bakshi

Surrogacy is a Happy Journey with Dr. Rita Bakshi

Infertility is a common issue these days. It creates difficulties for the couples to achieve parenthood when either or both of the partners are suffering from infertility. However, assisted reproduction techniques have proved helpful in such cases, the problem becomes even more complex when the female partner is found to be unable to carry the child.


When you make your mind to go for surrogacy the next big thing comes to your mind is how to find the best surrogacy clinic for you. Choosing a suitable surrogacy service provider can be a tough task as surrogacy is a long process and you need a trusted centre to carry out the process successfully.


You need to consider a lot of things before selecting the surrogacy clinic for you. Here are some of those questions which can help you to make the right call.


  • For how long the Clinic or the Doctor has been in the Business?
  • How do they select the Surrogate Mothers?
  • What Success rates they are offering?
  • What is the cost of the complete surrogacy Package?
  • How can they help you with the legal aspects of the process?


The success of entire process can directly be associated with your clinic and the doctors at the Clinic. A doctor like Rita Bakshi having huge experience in assisted reproductive techniques can largely affect the success rate of your process.


What makes Dr Rita Bakshi’s Clinic a preferred choice for Surrogacy?


Dr. Rita Bakshi runs a chain of highly reputed Fertility Clinic making the entire process a comfortable experience for you as all the treatment-related services are available under one roof. Moreover, following are some other facts which will clear your doubts and help you to make a decision:


  • One of the most experienced IVF expert in India with over 30 years of experience
  • Best results in case of Donor Egg Surrogacy
  • State-of-the-Art Lab equipped with advanced tools
  • Use of Cutting-edge technology with Latest Techniques
  • Helped to deliver Over 4000 surrogate babies
  • Young and healthy surrogate mothers to ensure a Healthy baby
  • Highly affordable surrogacy packages


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