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How Constipation Impacts Pregnancy? Causes and Treatments

Pregnancy is the most wonderful experience of a woman’s life. During pregnancy, a woman suffers from multiple problems that cause anxiety and agitation. No words can describe this feeling and anxiety of being a mother. It’s not easy to describe this wonderful feeling that you are growing life inside your womb. You want to share your feelings, happiness,emotions, and joy with everyone. But during this journey you have to face so many issues are cumbersome. One of the most troubling and irritating issue is constipation.


Constipation is when any person has just three bowels per week . It is not a disease in itself, but it could be a reason for other health issues. It’s a known fact that if you have a healthy stomach only then your body will function properly. When the state of your body is sound, your brain and heart will work efficiently.


Constipation is a common problem that occurs in approximately one-fourth of pregnant women. It is very embarrassing to talk about constipation in front of others until it becomes severe. There are several reasons for constipation during pregnancy; such as the rise of progesterone level, loss of appetite, reduced water consumption, hormonal imbalance, and due to excess iron supplements.


Detailed Reasons for Constipation


A rise in progesterone level:


As the first trimester start, there is a rise in progesterone level that causes constipation. This issue can become worse as your pregnancy continues.


Loss of Appetite:


You need to take a healthy balanced diet during pregnancy.Some women face issues such as dizziness, vomiting, and hypertension.All such issues don’t allow them to take a healthy balanced and nutritional diet.


Reduced water level:


Although it is true that in pregnancy, woman need to pee more times than usual. To get rid of this problem they reduce the water consumption that could be harmful to their body. Also due to excessive nausea and vomiting, woman stops drinking water at regular intervals.


Hormonal Imbalance:


Continuous change in hormone levels during pregnancy can cause some muscles to relax while other would become stiff. This process obstructs your bowel to pass stool and hence constipation.


Iron Supplements:


Iron supplements can also cause constipation during pregnancy. The iron supplements that have been taken by pregnant woman doesn’t absorb well by the pregnant women’s digestive system.


How to cure constipation during pregnancy?


Digestion is the most preeminent issue during pregnancy that can affect us negatively. A dietary system is the base of a body that is not easy to deal with. It is very important for you to take care of your health during pregnancy.


Here are some small steps that can cure your problem of constipation during pregnancy:


  • High amounts of protein that help in absorption and digestion of food
  • A lot of green vegetables and fiber fruits should be consumed.
  • Your diet should contain high amounts of calcium, mono-unsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats to avoid constipation.
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