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Surrogacy – What There is To Know

Surrogacy is a controversial concept in the field of assisted reproduction. Concerns ranging from the ethical to socio-economic are all expressed when talking about surrogacy. Only a few countries allow for full surrogacy practices and many countries are divided over forming an overarching law or regulation for surrogacy. At the same time, surrogacy is quite commercially viable and provides a commercial opportunity for the surrogate mother. With a general increase in fertility awareness and standard of healthcare, there is less risk for women who want to become surrogates.

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There are two kinds of surrogate mothers:

  • Traditional surrogate – This is where the male partner’s sperm is directly injected into the surrogate’s uterus, making her the baby’s biological mother. This is practiced when the female partner’s eggs are not usable for fertilization. The surrogate mother then carries the baby for nine months and delivers the baby for the couple. Sperm can also be that of a donor.
  • Gestational surrogate – In this case, an in vitro fertilization is used for surrogacy. A fertilized egg, either of the couple’s or through donors, is used to make the baby. The gestational surrogate acts as the carrier of the child for the couple. She does not have any biological connection to the baby that will be born.

Surrogacy is generally preferred when the couple’s age and sexual orientation are factors. Otherwise, risks of heart disease and problems in the uterus can prompt couples to opt for surrogacy. It is becoming common practice in countries which have legally adopted as well as allowed it. It proves to be a lucrative opportunity for the surrogate to acquire wages.

Care work could be the term given to the “work” that the surrogate is paid for. She has to take care of the baby as if it is her own and make sure that she and the baby both maintain good levels of health. Other than the obvious factor of getting paid, the condition of the surrogate is exactly the same as any expecting mother. It is only through the tragedy of nature that the option for surrogate childbirth was conceived. The progress of medical science has ensured that the surrogate, even though on an unconventional and hence unequal footing as compared to normal couples, also get good treatment and care for the duration of birth. Dr. Rita Bakshi\’s surrogacy centre providing the best options for surrogacy in India, ensures that all employed surrogates are taken care of. Providing a good home and life for the child can be the most rewarding aim for surrogates.

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