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Gestational Surrogacy – Realize your parenthood dreams

Infertility is frustrating for couples who are unable to conceive for more than a year despite having unprotected vaginal intercourse. According to the World Health Organization’s estimates about 8-10 per cent of couples experience some form of infertility. On a worldwide scale, this means that 50-80 million people suffer from infertility. That’s why more and more couples turn to surrogacy in India to have the child and realize the dream of becoming parents.

What is Gestational surrogacy ?

Gestational surrogacy is a process in which a woman carries and delivers a baby that is not genetically related to her. The eggs used in this process come from the intended mother and the sperm comes from the intended father. In some cases, donor sperm, donor eggs, and donor embryos are used. The process is facilitated through in vitro fertilization where by the embryo created from the intended parents gametes are placed into the uterus of the surrogate.

In India, IVF is common among infertile couples and the demand for surrogacy centre in India is growing with each passing year. Dr. Rita Bakshi believes using a gestational surrogate is much more personal because the child will be related to both intended parents and not to the surrogate. The intended parents are usually very involved all through the entire pregnancy and birth.

Advantages of gestational surrogacy include :

  • Even if you are unable to conceive or carry a child to term, you can still raise your own biological child. The child will be genetically related to the intended parents but not the surrogate.
  • You are able to be personally involved in the details of the pregnancy.
  • Because the process is so thorough, your fertility specialist will be able to guarantee the health of your surrogate before conception.

The best place for surrogacy is India; because the surrogacy in India is allowed to take place without any limitations. Dr. Rita Bakshi is one of the senior IVF Specialists in India offer best treatment for couples struggling with infertility.

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