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Side effects of Men and Women Weight on Fertility and IVF

Healthy mother delivers a healthy child. Maintaining weight as indicated by an individual’s BMI is very important to get pregnant. Weight of both the partners affects the pregnancy.


How does weight of a man affects pregnancy?


Being overweight or obese in men is a hurdle for pregnancy. Sperm is the basic requirement for the woman to get pregnant. Obese men usually suffer from hypertension which is responsible for degrading sperm quality and motility. Obese men are commonly found to have low sperm count and most of their sperms are immotile. Thus, obese in men increases the male infertility.


How does weight of a woman affects the pregnancy?


Being underweight or overweight, both of them have a negative effect on pregnancy. An underweight woman undergoes abnormal hormonal changes that are not fit for pregnancy.


Obese in women is a major cause and result of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) that causes female infertility. In PCOS small cysts are formed near the ovary that hinders the ovulation process which causes irregulation of menstrual cycle of a woman leading to difficulties in conceiving. It causes hormonal changes in the woman’s body. PCOS causes depression and hypertension that increases chances of IVF failure and miscarriages.


In obese women, fatty tissues increases that releases male hormone called as androgen. Excess of androgen causes growth of dark hair on face, chest, belly and back. Obese women also tend to suffer from diabetes due to insulin resistance in the body causing pregnancy failure


What can be done?


  • If you have had failed IVF cycles, consult a doctor for your BMI and shed those extra pounds of weight and then again go for it.
  • Exercise daily, meditate and do yoga.
  • Try to improve your daily lifestyle by avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Follow a healthy diet and a consult a doctor for your diet chart.
  • Try to lose weight.
  • Increase your water intake.


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