Egg Donor IVF

Female Egg Donors and IVF Success Rates

Everyone is aware of sperm donors but egg donors are still not eminent. Egg donors deserve massive gratitude for the valuable gift they provide to the infertile couple. Instead, they live in a shadow and hide their identity as egg donor.


Due to modern lifestyle, women are getting married at an older age, and as one gets old her ability to produce also decreases. With increasing age, woman is prone to many diseases that cause hindrance in pregnancy. Consumption of alcohol and smoking also creates complications in pregnancy. Due to these infertility reasons, couple has to go for Egg donor IVF treatment or surrogacy. Egg donor IVF has higher success rates than original IVF, around the world.


Identity of an egg donor is always kept anonymous. Intended parents are not allowed to meet the egg donor or vice-versa. Egg donor has to provide her consent for the process to determine that she is not doing it under any pressure or parental force. Intended parents are told about the complete bio- medical history, personal and educational information, physical traits and mental health. Egg donor has to undergo strict screening process that includes medical, physical and as well as psychological test by a psychiatrist.


Which couple can opt for egg donor IVF?


  • Couple who have had multiple IVF failures.
  • A woman with ovarian failure.
  • If woman is suffering from any genetic disease that she does not want to get transmitted to the child.
  • If she is old and cannot produce eggs anymore.
  • Menopause.


Who can be an egg donor?


  • Should be above 23 years of age.
  • Should have no medical complications.
  • Should have regular normal menstrual cycle.
  • Should have no genetic diseases.
  • Should be psychologically and mentally stable.
  • Should not smoke, do drugs or consume alcohol.
  • Should be able to conceive.


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