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Sexual Compatibility Between Couples and Infertility

When it comes to sex, people do not want to talk about it openly. They are too conservative and feel shy to discuss their sex life. Sometimes even the partners are not comfortable enough to share their sexual needs with each other.

Want to have a child and get rid of infertility, here’s the doctor’s advice – Have more Sex!!

Sexual compatibility is very important to conceive. But in today’s lifestyle, it is becoming harder to achieve. For sustaining a healthy sexual life, having sex three days a week is must.

In married couples, sex has taken a back seat due to busy schedule, night jobs, night parties, consumption of alcohol and smoking. It is very important for couples to spend some quality romantic time if you want to get pregnant. During sex, pleasure has its own value and gives positive results in fertility. Ovulation period of a woman is the best time to get pregnant. Therefore, it should be used wisely by having more sex rather than wasting those days by arguing and getting upset over petty little issues of daily life.

If you are trying to conceive a baby, sexual satisfaction and pleasure for both the partners plays a vital role. Sex is all about the mind game. Males cannot perform well or face erection issues due to stress, anxiety and fatigue. Mostly, sex for the first time does not go great for most of the men; as there is pressure of performing well and satisfying your woman.

Whereas in women; romance, touch, emotion, joy, memories, satisfaction trigger the mind to release more oxytocin during sex that increases fertility. For females, feeling of being loved and emotional bind with the partner is more important to achieve satisfaction for conceiving a baby.

Communication between the partners is very important. Be vocally open to your partner. Do not hide your sex life issues from the doctor if you are seeking infertility treatment. There is nothing to be stressed about premature ejaculations, early ejaculations and erection problems; as medical world has reached heights and offers a cure of all these problems.

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