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Yoga can help to boost your fertility

Having a regular job and planning to get pregnant can seem contradictory statements these days. Where will one find the time? How will we get fit before we conceive? Being fit is important; it is the only way to ensure the baby’s safety as well as ours. Stress and lack of fitness are real causes that block pregnancy. Irregular estrogen levels and leptin levels have been clinically proven to be harmful for the body. In order to counter this, doctors maintain that specific exercise routines can help keep the body in shape for an expected pregnancy. The key to exercising while planning to get pregnant is to make sure that the exercise routine is not too intensive. Running ten miles a week will not help you conceive. You can get to know your fertility levels through any IVF treatment in Delhi. There are specific postures and poses that the body becomes unable to do in our hectic lives.

These exercises and here, certain yoga postures have been known to boost fertility when practiced for a period of time:

  • Staff pose, foot and ankle warm up (dandasana)
  • Half ankle to knee pose (agnistambhasana)
  • Alternating knee to chest (apanasana)
  • Bridge pose (setu bandha sarvangasana or setu bandhanasa)
  • Mountain pose (tadasana)
  • Shoulder opening mountain pose (uccha tadasana)
  • High lunge with side stretch (utthita ashwa sanchalasana)
  • Yogic Squat (malasana)
  • Seated twist (ardha matsyendrasana)
  • Goddess pose (utkata konasana)
  • Corpse pose (shavasana)

Most of these poses promote blood flow into the pelvis and back. These are areas that effectively get shut out during our time spent sitting all day. Variations of these postures help with the alignment of the hips and the uterus. They also promote breathing levels and reduce stress. Yoga is known to release hormones from the endocrine and immune systems. This can be practiced if you are seeking IVF treatment in Delhi. Yoga boosts energy levels in the body. While practicing yoga, it should be kept in mind that the body needs to be perfectly relaxed. Any signs of stress should make you discontinue the posture or the complete routine. The key to healthy and effective yoga is a relaxed mind and a relaxed body, and if this is not the outcome that is being achieved, then maybe you should either change routines or the frequencies with which you practice. Keeping bolsters, props and blankets to help your body adjust and relax are one way to spruce up your yoga routine.

An increasing awareness of how yoga helps with infertility and how it is vital to keep a fit body for increased fertility signs as well as boost your expectancy levels. A healthy mind and a healthy body help in keeping fertility alive.

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