women Needs More Protein

Why women need more protein than men?

For all women, is protein in your diet enough for optimal health? It’s time you should reconsider your diet and explore more options with high protein content. Women who wish to stay active or follow routine gym sessions, it is vital to include sufficient proteins for healthy weight management.


Below are a few reasons of why women needs more protein


1. Keeps you full for longer periods: Protein suppresses your appetite and lowers food cravings. Hence, having a protein-rich breakfast will keep you full and you will eat less throughout the day.

2. Burns more calories: Proteins are a well-known metabolic booster and thereby, it aids in burning more calories than usual.

3. Keeps you lean: Protein reduces number of fat tissues. Have a “low-carb” diet including protein and less of carbohydrates for desired weight loss in a healthy way.

4. Improves bone health: When it comes to good bone health in women, protein stands first in the race. Protein is a nutrient that supports better absorption of calcium of your body.

5. Promotes hormonal balance: Protein lowers stress level affecting healthy cell development, resulting in hormonal imbalance.

6. Fights skin ageing: As you grow older, your body gradually loses certain amount of mass. Doing regular exercise coupled with rich-protein diet will make your bones stronger and healthy in your golden years.

7. Makes your skin glow: Protein reduces the environmental damage caused by staying in the sun for longer time. It contains amino acids that increase your skin’s ability to repair itself and stay healthy.


Closing Thoughts


Protein is a must-have for both men and women. However, women usually tend to miss on protein in their diet. Women should consciously include protein diet in all their meals in form eggs, lean meat, beans, pulses and green leafy vegetables to remain healthy and fit.


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