Age Relevant to IVF

How is age relevant to IVF? Need to Know

Pregnancy by natural means is highly dependent on age of the parents. It becomes difficult and is rare to conceive at old age. Above 45 years of age, live birth rate drops down rapidly.


But as far as pregnancy by IVF is considered, the age of the egg is taken into account rather than considering the age of the uterus in which it will grow. It is difficult for a woman who is above 45 years of age to get pregnant with her own child even by using the IVF technique. By using IVF technique, a woman who is 50 years old can get pregnant by using the egg of a woman who is 30-35 years old but could not use her own egg as the results would not be favorable as expected.


It is better and easier to achieve positive outcomes by using IVF techniques at a young age or middle age as eggs at later age start showing highly chromosomal abnormal behavior in them, thus, reducing the live birth rate. As the age increases, percentage of abnormal chromosomal behavior increases which leads to reduction of live birth rate rapidly as they are inversely related.


Between 20-25 years of age is considered to be the best and highly productive age for becoming pregnant either by natural means or by IVF.


Some of the fertility clinics and doctors do not approve of IVF procedures for clients above 45 years of age, as results are highly demotivating and disappointing. Women at higher age could find an eligible egg donor for getting pregnant by IVF technique as the age of uterus is not important for being pregnant but the age of an egg is highly important.


By using egg of an elder woman during IVF technique might also lead to miscarriage and therefore is avoided and not practiced. Therefore, age of an egg is highly co-related to pregnancy by IVF.


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