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Endometriosis awareness month: March

March is known to be the Endometriosis awareness month around the globe. Medical Health awareness is very important to live a healthy and disease free life. Knowledge and awareness helps you find solution to every hurdle in your path.


Endometriosis is the worst disease that could happen to a woman. It is not curable permanently as it reoccurs no matter how well you are treated or how talented the surgeon is. Once you suffer from endometriosis, be ready, it will definitely haunt you back.


What is Endometriosis?


When the tissues that grow inside the uterus start to grow outside the uterus, in the fallopian tube and ovarian region is called Endometriosis. It could also spread to your cervix, vagina, intestines and urinary bladder.




You can identify endometriosis if you suffer from painful intercourse and intolerable pain around the pelvic region.


Endometriosis, IVF and Infertility: Correlated


Endometriosis is more likely to be found in infertile women than in fertile women. Infertility in women is one of the major outcomes of endometriosis. Best way to rest from endometriosis is to get pregnant. But by natural process, it is surely an unachievable target. In these cases, IVF is of great help and comes to your rescue. Through IVF, you can be pregnant and endometriosis could rest in peace for a while.


Once you are pregnant with the help of IVF procedure, there is nothing to worry about pregnancy and safe child birth as endometriosis only makes it impossible for women to conceive by natural means and could cause no further harm.


Helpful treatments


Surgical treatments like laparoscopy can be performed that helps to diagnose endometriosis by looking into your abdominal cavity with the help of camera.Combined oral contraceptives are also believed to reduce the chances of acquiring endometriosis.Hormonal imbalance of progesterone also plays a vital role in causing endometriosis. Therefore, level of progesterone should be taken care of, to reduce the risk of suffering from endometriosis.


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