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What should you choose – Natural IVF Cycle or Stimulated IVF Cycle?

The decision of choosing the right fertility treatment to have a child is a serious one and involves emotional, mental, medical and financial factors. At last, the decision is in the hands of the patients. At Risaa IVF, a premier IVF clinic in Delhi, we recommend our patients to undergo treatments which we think will yield high success with least physical, emotional and financial burdens.


Natural IVF cycle is one of a kind of fertility treatments similar to traditional or stimulated IVF but it doesn’t involve the use of fertility medications to achieve multiple eggs. It may sound appealing for those who have a strong aversion to medications. When compared to traditional IVF, it includes regular appointments, ovulation triggers, egg retrievals and embryo culturing in the lab but this has lower success rates.


Our skilled physicians at Risaa IVF encourage patients to know what natural IVF cycle really is and consider all the important variables before embarking on their IVF parenthood journey.


How Natural IVF cycle is different from Traditional IVF?


In stimulated IVF, a woman is administered with medications for 9-12 days to promote ovulation and have mature egg follicles. At the time of stimulation, the physician monitors the follicle development time-to-time until it reaches complete maturation.


Once complete maturation is observed, an egg aspiration process is done under local anesthesia to extract the eggs. Later, these eggs are placed in the laboratory for embryo culturing. The best quality embryos are transferred into the mother’s uterus and the leftover embryos can be frozen for future use.


Natural IVF does not involve medications and only one mature egg can be obtained per cycle. The patients undergo ultrasounds and blood tests to keep a track on the single ovarian follicle growth to prevent ovulation before its removal. This is followed by egg retrieval and embryo transfer as done in stimulated IVF cycle.


Both natural and stimulated IVF are familiar with each other in terms of the timeline and procedures involved. The only difference is that the patient is not treated with medications in a natural IVF cycle.


So before you think which fertility treatment you should pursue, explore the claims carefully and always ask the success rates of the treatment for the most important aspect – delivery of your baby.


Why choose Natural IVF cycle over Stimulated IVF cycle?


  • It is an effective option for women with poor response to fertility medications
  • It does not necessarily require women who produce number of eggs per cycle
  • Fresh embryo transfer is applicable
  • It is a smoother process with no possibilities of side effects due to medications
  • It is well-suited for old age women


Why Natural IVF is a less effective option?


Natural IVF cycle is not meant for everyone.

  • It can be used only for women who are ovulation without fertility medicine
  • There is a single egg produced each cycle, which can be a matter of concern in terms of poor egg quality


What makes stimulated IVF option most preferred among couples?


  • It is a tried and tested method since years and has a clean history
  • It is a more effective treatment than other assisted reproductive technology treatments
  • It can effectively diagnose fertilization issues
  • It is useful to detect any genetic abnormalities well-in-time that may be forwarded to the offspring


We believe your choice will be clear. We at Risaa IVF advise our patients to look at the whole picture. Always remember that your prime goal is to have a child. If you are going to do IVF in Delhi, then traditional IVF cycle is undoubtedly the perfect treatment option available as it gives maximum chances of achieving your goal for a happier parenthood.


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