Treatment to your infertility is not a herculean task - Dr Rita Bakshi

Treatment to your infertility is not a herculean task

Couples who are battling with infertility had to face with many struggles. Infertility is indeed a serious matter of concern for them. However, thanks to assisted reproductive technologies by which thousands of couples have been able to conceive. We fully understand infertility is a complex problem and this is why we have experienced staff, supported by IVF specialists, skilled embryologists and nurses to help couples with third party reproduction, who otherwise have been unable to conceive.

If one goes to assess studies done on infertility, it has been seen that around 20% of cases are related with female infertility and 15 percent couples struggling with male infertility. To know about the treatment and its processes a couple should have strong understanding about assisted reproductive techniques in order to know the best treatment and to overcome it.

Understanding IVF Treatment

IVF is a part of assisted reproductive technology in which fertilization occurs outside human body. With the advancement in medical technology, IVF is done in a laboratory dish, the embryo is created from the gametes of intended parents and is then transferred back into women’s uterus. According to fertility experts, couples have overcome the infertility by undergoing IVF treatment in India and in many cases couples have had successful deliveries.

Check your fertility with basic tests

It has been also established that both the partners can experience infertility. Male infertility is usually associated with low sperm counts and conditions. Whenever a couple is trying to find out the IVF treatment, male partner also need to go for testing as well. Low sperm factors are a common reason for infertility, and contribute to approximately 20% of infertility cases. A semen analysis is done to check the sperm count, shape and motility. The results of the report are generated within the same day. Once an IVF specialist or a fertility clinic begins to do examination into the possible reasons of infertility, a solution is much simpler to come to.

In most cases, it is true couples find it difficult to cope with the stress during the treatment, however, at the end; they find the eternal peace and senses of belonging after knowing that they have conceived successfully. Our IVF centre based in India understands these feelings are usual human responses to this type of fears. A large number of our IVF patients in India who experience treatment from our doctors believe that the process was not as emotionally difficult as they had predicted. As aforementioned, we strongly suggest that couples seek out as much information and support they need. Dr. Rita Bakshi’s clinic provides counselling to couples coping with infertility and can be an important source for both emotional support and balanced facts.

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