Mr. Debebe & Mrs. Almaz, IVF, Ethiopia

I chose this clinic because it is one of the renowned IVF clinics in India and with excellent credibility and success rate. And we really got a comprehensive service here. I would like to appreciate all the staff of IFC. I especially thank Dr. Rita who treated us as not only as a doctor, but as a friend. With the entire centre’s help, we had a positive pregnancy through IVF and we were so delighted. They have fulfilled our hope and our dream.

Mr. Rajender & Mrs. Poonam, IVF, India

Dr. Rita is an angel. She is simply amazing; she filled the colors of happiness in our life. We had 6 failed IVF attempts and a disrupted domestic adoption. We were ready to give up on ever having children. That’s when we came to know about Dr. Rita Bakshi and now we have all the happiness of our lives. Dr. Rita and the whole staff at International Fertility Centre were just amazing. While our entire journey had ups and downs, I can honestly say that once we found IFC, it was all up from there. From the very beginning, they were professional, organized, and moved at a nice pace that was quite reassuring to us. We simply had the wonderful clinic! IFC is now part of our family. We will forever be grateful for their part in our journey. We are reminded everyday with our beautiful son.

Mr. Raju Ahmed, Surrogacy, UK

At every stage, Dr. Rita Bakshi informed us that she will be at every step of the surrogacy process. She made things very easy for us and we headed for Surrogacy. I am thankful to her as we were blessed with a beautiful daughter. And it’s been a whirlwind of a ride. Our situation was not easy. My wife was facing several complicated issues but Dr. Rita made it happen. I would like to express my gratitude to the doctors for helping me to provide the baby. Dr. Rita is always going to be a part of my life and whenever, I look at my daughter, I just remember her.

Mr. Vijay & Mrs. Geeta, Surrogacy, USA

The staff is so kind and caring. Dr Rita Bakshi and Dr. Seema Bajaj are such genuine and experienced doctors. They have always been so encouraging and positive. If you’re reading up on IVF Surrogacy, you’ve probably had a hard road too. May your baby dreams also come true as they have come for ours! Both the doctors gave us their personal numbers during the IVF cycle. They pay more attention to their patients than anyone else. Hats off to both of them and I will certainly recommend International Fertility Centre to every couple who are planning to choose surrogacy as an option to have a child. Personal attention, very fair prices compared to the others, and success.

Mr. Dean & Mrs. Kim, Surrogacy, USA

We are expecting twins in about twelve weeks. And we are so thankful to Dr. Rita, who is professional, helpful, and caring at all times. She answered all our questions and provided us enough guidance at every step of the way. We just can’t appreciate her enough. We have tried for years and but have been unable to conceive. And we are so happy to know, at this time, in about twelve weeks, we are going to have a family all thanks to Dr. Rita Bakshi

Mr. Dean & Mrs. Kim, Surrogacy, USA

We are expecting twins in about twelve weeks. And we are so thankful to Dr. Rita, who is professional, helpful, and caring at all times. She answered all our questions and provided us enough guidance at every step of the way. We just can’t appreciate her enough. We have tried for years and but have been unable to conceive. And we are so happy to know, at this time, in about twelve weeks, we are going to have a family all thanks to Dr. Rita Bakshi

Mr. Raj & Mrs. Srividya, Surrogacy, USA

We are originally based from Hyderabad so we had initially considered Hyderabad for treatment. But we came to know about Dr. Rita Bakshi through online and consulted her at the first place. She is humble and has a huge experience in assisted reproduction. She remains available to us whenever we need her. We are blessed to choose a doctor like her. The staff at the clinic always gave us right information from the first day of our treatment. The clinic has the equipment and the state-of-the-art-lab at international standard. And I just wish we could have come to the clinic 5 years ago which we had wasted in the US so we could have had our lovely children then.

Mrs. Kathy & Mr. George, Surrogacy, USA

We chose IFC because we were not able to carry a child. At first, I was very apprehensive in general because of doing surrogacy in India. But after going through a lot of research and talking with the doctors, we were happy and pleased. They just helped us at every time. Our communication was easy through email, and I contacted Dr. Rita Bakshi on phone anytime whenever I had a query regarding medications, legalities, baby exit process and all. The staff at the clinic coordinated through the entire journey. We are so happy that IFC helped us fulfil our dream.

Mr. Shivam Kumar, IVF, India

I started consultation with AIIMS first. And after two or three years of thorough check up, they told me that my wife will not be able to conceive. But I was optimistic and did not give up. One of the senior doctors at AIIMS suggested me to meet Dr. Rita Bakshi. She listened to my case carefully and advised that IVF is the last hope for my wife. On 17th March, I started the treatment and on April 9, the doctors came to me and told me that my wife has become pregnant. Listening to this, I had tears in my eyes and this became the happiest moment of my life. This is my story and I will ask every couple to visit her without any delay.

Mrs. Veena & Mr. Hemchand, IVF, India

I have a great regard for Dr. Rita Bakshi. We have been married for 13 years. I was obese, weighed 94 Kgs. For boosting my fertility, I lost 31Kgs but still there was no hope. I put my faith on temples – Shirdi, Yogmaya, Mata Vaishnodevi but it was only at the doors of Dr. Rita Bakshi that I got my boy on 22nd February 2012. I named him Yogeshwar because it was with the kripa of Yogmaya temple and Dr. Bakshi, I cherished the parenthood dreams. ‘May God bless her & her team’.

Mrs. Chandralaxmi, IVF, Nepal

I have been married for 7 years but still childless. In the beginning, I was told that my uterus is blocked and I must go through an operation. I was disappointed. Then I met Dr. Rita Bakshi at her clinic for treatment. I got the desired results from here. Doctors along with nurses and other staff members have helped and inspired me a lot. They did a nice job for me. Nurses here are very nice and I am very happy with their services.

Mrs. Rani Malik, IVF, Nepal

It has been 4 years since I married. We tried for pregnancy many times, but it never happened. I tried IUI, surgeries but was unable to conceive. The support from Dr.Rita in India and the doctors, staff at her clinic made it possible and gave me positive pregnancy results. I am very happy now. I wish to raise my child like Dr.Rita, who would give a gift of a healthy baby and a hope to all those childless couples like me.

Mrs. Taru & Mr. Gaurav Singhal, IVF, India

My husband and I had an amazing experience with International Fertility Centre. They were wonderful and carefully helped us all the way through – and we are pregnant. I would certainly recommend Dr. Bakshi for anyone considering IVF. We met with 3 other clinics before opting to go with IFC. We were treated like their only clients from the moment we stepped foot in the office. Each visit they knew us by name, were prompt, very supportive, patient and knowledgeable. We thankfully were successful in the first try of IVF and now have a very happy, healthy, baby boy! Our hearts are full, and we are forever thankful for the International Fertility Centre team. We will be back next year for a try at a second baby. The experience was memorable.

Mrs. Pauline & Mr. Adams, Surrogacy, Australia

We are extremely pleased with IFC. The staff was wonderful. I felt taken care of from start to finish. From the receptionist to Dr Rita Bakshi & Dr Seema Bajaj herself, all the staff was thoroughly professional. I would highly recommend couples to visit them. You would definitely have a very positive experience with IFC. My husband and I are so very grateful for the wonderful surrogacy experience. God bless to Dr. Bakshi always.

Mrs. Vandana & Mr. Paresh, Surrogacy, USA

Doctor Rita Bakshi is one of the experienced and best infertility doctors in India. She believes in giving close attention to all patients and as a result limits the number of patients at any time. With all my personal experience throughout, I can say that she strongly believes in fostering the best of medical services to her patients and has never compromised on her medical ethics. She is a patient listener and gives her quality time to her patients. I miss being in touch with her so much, anything said can never be enough!!! You are such a positive and endearing person-and I owe a lot to you. I was very lucky to have you as my doctor.

Mrs. George Baloei, Surrogacy, Singapore

My husband and I have tried to conceive for 6 years. For the past 2 months, we then had our consultation with International Fertility Centre (Dr Rita Bakshi) and thought that “finally someone that knows what they are talking about.” We are from Singapore, and we went to see Dr Rita Bakshi after a few unsuccessful attempts to conceive through fertility clinics in Singapore. We were so impressed, not just with Dr Rita Bakshi’s knowledge and warmth, but also with all the staff. Each time we called her or met with her, she knew my cycle day, and all our past history. We were a name and not a number. We have never been anywhere like this.

Mr. Martin Saint – Germain, Surrogacy, Canada

Deciding to go ahead with surrogacy is certainly a very big decision to make. I can totally understand that there are so many questions raised and insecurities felt. But if that should be the path you are heading towards, I would without any more doubt make the choice of in trusting IFC in New Delhi with the team of Dr. Bakshi. The year leading to the birth of Ophélie and Charlotte was not easy. But one thing I knew, I had trust in Dr. Bakshi. Ant that is what kept me going on. The whole team is highly professional and competent, they understand what you are going through, and they are utmost sensitive and have a very human approach. Embarking on this journey is highly emotional and there will be some hard time along the way. I want to tell you this. There might be some up and downs. And that is why you have to make the right choice from the beginning. IFC is the obvious choice.

Mrs. Ana C Mathis, Surrogacy,USA

Dr. Rita Bakshi and Dr Seema Bajaj are “a miracle” just as the name suggests. We could not have done this without them. I & my wife Ana were hopeless after attempting fertility treatments several times. We were so disturbed due to the failure of the treatments. Both the doctors supported us psychologically and emotionally. They suggested surrogacy and this was the end of our sorrows. Today we have our own baby. We are the happiest couple in the world. The team in the clinic is up to the mark, they were helpful during the treatment. They took good care of our surrogate. Even our surrogate was very caring about the baby. She was always like do this for baby, get this for him, etc. Over all it was a great experience to get treated at IFC.

Mr. Vijayant, IUI, India

I have been married for 5 years and my wife Reena was nearly in depression. I still vividly remember the day when we walked into Dr. Rita Bakshi’s OPD and told her categorically – we have done 6 IUI – can we move over and start IVF? I cannot forget her extremely calm, affable and warm exterior belying a steely strength urging me to have just another cycle of IUI with her. It was a memorable one hour on a Sunday when Dr. Rita Bakshi negotiated Reena’s extremely curvy path to the uterus and 15 agonizing days of wait to follow for the result. We had done that urine strip test so many times before and always seen a single line that indicated a negative result. I cannot describe that moment of joy when I saw 2 lines and we cried & hugged each other. We did not stop crying that night. Here was a doctor who could have made money – we had asked her for IVF and she did an IUI. She caressed our pregnancy for 9 months. I don’t remember a day when we have not remembered Dr. Rita Bakshi. I cannot thank her enough for providing us the joy of our life.

Mrs. Jude & Mr. James, Surrogacy, Australia

Hats off Dr Rita Bakshi! Wish you all the success in future. I wish your fame should spread all over the world. She and Dr. Seema Bajaj were very helpful and personable. They really seem to care about our situation. Every step was explained carefully.

Mrs. Jennifer & Mr. Onel, Surrogacy, USA

The facility and clinic is very clean, safe environment for both your surrogate and eventual baby (and babies). The staff is extremely accommodating, organized and efficient. Dr. Bakshi has a team of people who make your experience special. We appreciated how after a failed attempt Dr. Bakshi tried again, without charge to ensure we would a get positive result and we did! Choosing Dr. Bakshi was one of the best decisions we have made. We do plan to start the process again in the near future. Completing the legal process was also a cinch! I worked in conjunction with Dr. Bakshi’s staff to get my family home within 7 business days and it happened. We were able to get back to our lives with our bundle of joy. Good luck with the process. Choose Dr. Bakshi you will not regret your decision.

Mrs. Udyanka & Mr. Nitesh, IVF, India

After going through a horrible experience with another fertility clinic, my wife and I were referred to International Fertility Centre for IVF where we met Dr Rita Bakshi and Dr Seema Bajaj. The doctors and the staff are so friendly, kind, accommodating and most importantly extremely knowledgeable in the field of infertility. The recommendations, advice and treatment from Dr Rita Bakshi led us to get pregnant on our very first IVF cycle! After our experience with the other fertility clinic, where we felt like just a number, this was like a heaven. Everyone is personal, friendly, and they go way above and beyond to eliminate stress in this process. We were successful within our first try for IVF; this is the only place that we would go for treatment. They are amazing, kind, and caring through every step of the way. Every person working in that office is an asset. They’re an amazing team.

Mrs. Divya Bansal, IVF, India

Our experience at the International Fertility Centre was very nice and we would recommend the centre to anyone else from India or abroad. It is a pioneering place for surrogacy in India and compares well with such facilities in the world as the medical care given is exceptional. Service provided by the staff is excellent. All of them have been trained very well to offer service with smile. What appealed to me most is the affectionate nature and sympathetic outlook, which is essential for infertile couple. Dr. Rita Bakshi is very good in nature and takes good care of every patient.

Mrs. Rashmi, Surrogacy, India

I had been diagnosed with bilateral blocked tubes with pelvic tuberculosis and hypothyroidism. I did not have the money and the guts to try IVF at a private and posh setup. At my husband’s friend’s suggestion, I met Dr. Rita Bakshi and I was caught for life. We got success in our first cycle itself and I delivered a bonny baby weighing 2.8kg. For us, Dr. Bakshi is an angel because she has given a new meaning to my life.

 Mrs. Megha Gupta, Surrogacy, India

We had been trying to conceive for 3 years but unfortunately failed to conceive and eventually decided to head for a fertility specialist. I was referred to Dr Rita Bakshi by my friend who had taken consultation at her clinic for her gynecological needs. My husband and I visited the centre in March 2012. She answered all our questions and suggested us the procedures in order to have children. She did not make us feel rushed; she spent close to an hour with us and went over every single question we could think of. I have a big joint family and everybody was really excited when my child was born. The new coming to my big family brought smiles on everybody faces

 Tirubhan Kumar & Rashmi,India

I am extremely pleased, a feeling that I cannot explain in words, which is felt by me only after having my son “Anmol” delivered from International Fertility Centre. I am really thankful to this centre for this precious gift. I pray to god that IFC is always as prosperous in the coming future.

 Mrs. Aanchal & Mr. Ashu, Surrogacy, India

My life was in ruins. I had undergone an IVF cycle in suburban areas of Delhi and landed in getting my uterus removed (Hysterectomy) but my dream of having a second child (already having a 9 year old daughter) was alive. Dr. Rita Bakshi suggested Surrogacy to us. We were careful in choosing a good surrogate the second time and we were blessed with a twin pregnancy. When we were not there, Dr. Bakshi’s specialty centre and her team was there to look after the surrogate and they did it to the hilt-counselling her on hygiene, diet, precautions to be taken on every single visit and it was smooth sailing on afterwards. Here we have the result in front of you, being blessed with twin boys in our arms. Gratitude is a small word to be said for the immense happiness Dr Bakshi has provided us.

 Mrs. Asha, IUI, India

I was married 5 years ago. I started infertility treatment after trying naturally for over 1 year in a well known hospital, but there was no positive result. I was very depressed. I found out about Dr Rita Bakshi through the internet and we started treatment under her at the IFC in New Delhi. I underwent IUI treatment and my results were positive. I am extremely happy.

 Mrs. Swati & Mr. Praveen Singh, IVF, India

My husband and I went to Dr Rita Bakshi’s clinic for our IVF. I was pleased with our treatment at International Fertility Centre. She is very knowledgeable and professional. All the staff made all the procedures as stress free as possible. I have a very lovely daughter now thanks to IFC’s doctors and staff. From our first meeting with Dr Rita Bakshi we felt that we were being looked after. The clinic is very neat and clean and staff is very friendly. Dr Rita Bakshi always has a smile on her face and didn’t make us feel any stress during the treatment. I would recommend her to all my family and friends.

 Mrs. Anu & Mr. Yashu Garg, IVF, India

I wholeheartedly recommend International Fertility Centre. Dr Rita Bakshi had already read and fully comprehended our entire medical history before we sat down with her for the first time. There was no need to explain our story because she was so well prepared. This build up our initial confidence and then appointment after appointment – throughout our whole IVF cycle she just confirmed that we had made the right choice to work with her. Our highest recommendation goes to Dr Rita Bakshi and the whole IFC team. She is efficient, focused and kind. She doesn’t waste your time and explains everything as it happens so you are never confused by the prescriptions, timing or status updates. I am deeply grateful to Dr Rita Bakshi.

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