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Pregnant Females Who Keep Fast During Navratra must Read This News

Can pregnant ladies keep fast during Navratra is a much discussed question. In an interview with ABP News on 22nd September 2017, chairperson of Risaa IVF, Dr. Rita Bakshi talks about the impact on health on fasting during Navratra and also deals with some the health guidelines.


Pregnant females can keep fast or not?


Pregnancy is a stage of nine months and occurrence of festivals like Karwa Chauth, Shivratri, Navratra is quiet obvious. A very big question arises that pregnant ladies, can also keep fast like normal females or not? Dr. Rita Bakshi on this question implies that the adverse effect is not seen only in mother’s health infact it also deteriorates foetus health that’s why precaution is very important.


Conditions when fast should not be kept


Dr. Rita Bakshi suggests not starving when a pregnant female is suffering from weakness, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, or lack of blood. She further adds that it would be better to decide that how one is feeling before fasting.


Fasting can be hazardous in below conditions:


Dr. Rita Bakshi advises not to keep fast during pregnancy in a first or third trimester. In first three trimesters, if a female starve for a long time condition of vomiting, nausea may arise. She further says that during third trimester such conditions can lead to consciousness. During pregnancy incidence of gestational diabetes, anemia, or twins in the womb can complicate the condition.


Chances of premature delivery


What is the impact of fasting on pregnant females? On this question Dr. Rita Bakshi implies acute and chronic complications can occur. Negligence of health during pregnancy effects mother health, but in long term, it can also lead to premature delivery of a baby.


Effect on foetus weight



She says that dehydrated body, i.e. lack of water in the body can affect foetus, accounts for impaired development of the child and can also be a cause of underweight baby.


What Research Says?


Many researches have been done, but still there are no any valid answers found that fast should be done during pregnancy or not. Some research indicates that keeping fast has no any adverse effects on health if done with caution, but some are contrary to it, that fast can lead to impaired mental development of babies. So overall we can say that by following some general guidelines, fast can be kept during festive seasons such as:


  • Don’t take much coffee, tea or just avoid it.
  • Avoid going outside in cold and humid climate.
  • Avoid heavy work or exercise during fast.
  • While breaking fast, first take one glass juice, or coconut water. Then have some light snacks or meals.
  • During fast take regular medical checkups for foetal growth and on any difficulty consult with doctor.


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