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Here’s how men in their 50s go through a certain type of Menopause

You will might surprise after reading that menopause in men, but yes it is true. Doctors say that male menopause, mostly occurs after 30 caused due to low levels of testosterone. This menopause in males is referred as andropause i.e. low level of testosterone accounts for mood swings.


Rita Bakshi, chairperson, Risaa IVF, says “Testosterone is a male hormone produced in the testes which stimulates the sex drive, changes during puberty and mental and physical energy. It maintains the muscle mass, regulates a man’s fight-or-flight response and regulates key evolutionary features. ” In the age of 50s the men Androgen Deficiency of the Ageing male (ADAM) andropause is also caused due to physical, sexual, and psychological problems. Chain smokers are more prone to andropause as it gradually declines the function of the male hormone.


Rita Bakshi also says, “The major difference between the menopause of men and women is that in females, the ovaries run out of ova just before or during the time period of menopause. However, the man never runs out of sperm and a healthy male is capable of producing sperm well into his 80s. ” But, symptoms like low sex drive, night sweats, hot flashes and weight gain are common amongst men and women.


In females menopause is easily recognized by stoppage of menstruation, but in males there is no any instant signs and symptoms. But gradually it shows mood swings, anxiety, stress, less interest in sex. Some of the symptoms of andropause are insomnia, low energy, depression, increase adipose tissue, reduced muscle mass, lethargy, gynecomastia (development of breasts), decreased bone density, erectile dysfunction, decreased bone density, and osteoporosis, reduced libido and infertility. This can further account for physical, sexual, and psychological problems.


Expert advice for yoga especially Surya Namaskar helps in maintaining the testosterone levels. Balanced diet, exercise is also beneficial in increasing the levels of testosterone.


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