10 factors that can affect your sperm quality - Dr Rita Bakshi

Increase fertility by certain modification in lifestyle: Dr. Rita Bakshi

Male infertility has become a big problem nowadays occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Rita Bakshi the founder and chairperson of Risaa IVF, Delhi said in an interview with leading newspaper Dainik Bhaskar on 13th September 2017 that lack of sperm count and poor quality of sperm is most prevailing problems nowadays. Many of the couple’s visits to her clinic who find difficulty in becoming a father are sorted out by slight lifestyle modification and healthy diet.


What is male fertility?


  • Male fertility is the release of sperm of best quality in which male partner is able to fertilize the female gamete i.e. ova.
  • Erectile dysfunction, libido, lack in sperm count, poor, sperm quality, lack of testosterone level can be the reason of male infertility.


What is erectile dysfunction?


  • Erectile dysfunction is an impotency to keep an erection firm for a long time during sexual intercourse.


What is sperm count?


  • In male semen, the number of sperm is 15 to 100 million/ml.
  • More sperm more fertility


What is testosterone?


  • Testosterone is a male hormone responsible for sex stimulation.
  • Low level of testosterone affects male fertility.
  • Erectile dysfunction can also arise.


Erectile dysfunction can also arise.


  • Libido means sex drive.
  • Foods and supplements which increase libido known as aphrodisiacs.

Original Source: https://www.bhaskar.com/news/LIF-HNB-infog-howto-improve-male-fertility-badhane-ke-tarike-5693181-NOR.html

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