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Achieve Parenthood with Dr. Rita Bakshi’s Best Surrogacy Services

Infertility is increasingly troubling couples around the world and spoiling their dreams of parenting. While medical science found ways to overcome infertility problem through IVF, another problem of repeated miscarriages or multiple implantation failures came along.


Now to beat this problem where a woman fails to carry the pregnancy, another assisted reproductive technique known as Surrogacy came in existence. Those women who are unable to conceive and experience multiple miscarriages can be highly benefited by the Surrogacy process.


Understanding Surrogacy:


The surrogacy process includes a surrogate mother to carry the child for the intended parents through an agreement. This arrangement is done by creating an embryo in a laboratory using sperm and egg of the intended parents and then transferring this embryo into the womb of the surrogate. The surrogate carries the pregnancy for 9 months and after the delivery hand over the baby to the intended parents. In this case, the child is biologically related to both the intended parents and not to the surrogate mother.


Best Surrogacy Solutions in India by Dr. Rita Rita Bakshi:


Dr. Rita Bakshi is India’s leading IVF specialist with an experience of over 30 years. For the past three decades, Dr. Bakshi is spreading smiles with her expertise in assisted reproduction technologies. She is well versed with every know-how of the different infertility treatments like IVF, IUI, PESA/TESA, PGD, ICSI and surrogacy etc. Dr. Bakshi runs a chain of one of India’s most advanced and high rated fertility clinics known as International Fertility Centre.


Why Choose Dr. Bakshi for Surrogacy:


  • Highly experience and qualified
  • Success rates of Surrogacy as high as of 85%
  • Over 4000 surrogate babies delivered
  • Working with a team of expert doctors
  • All IVF solutions under one roof at her clinic
  • Using most updated tools and technologies
  • Transparent and safer process approach


If you are also unable to achieve pregnancy because of one reason or the other, Dr. Rita Bakshi can help you turn your dream of parenting into reality through best surrogacy centre in delhi.


Get world class surrogacy solutions by Dr. Rita Bakshi at the most affordable prices with high Success Rates. Consult us now by submitting your queries in the section mentioned below or write us at [email protected]

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