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Dr. Rita Bakshi: Your IVF Specialist for a successful IVF

IVF has become one of the most popular assisted conception treatments around the world in the recent past. A number of childless couples consider this option to fulfill their desire of parenthood. According to an estimate 5 million children were born using IVF and other assisted reproductive techniques across the globe.


Experience and Excellence come together at Dr. Rita Bakshi’s clinic:


Dr. Rita Bakshi is one of the senior most IVF specialists based in Delhi. She runs a chain of fertility centres named as “International Fertility Centre” spread over 10 locations across India and Nepal. With over 30 years of experience, she leads a team of professional embryologists, Vitrification Experts, Andrologists and Nurses at IFC. Along with her enormous experience, she is a master in latest assisted reproduction technologies like IUI, PESA/TESA, IVF, ICSI, PGD, Cryopreservation and Surrogacy etc.


Ensure highest IVF success rates with Dr. Rita Bakshi:


While the average IVF success rates range from 40 to 45%, Dr. Rita Bakshi ensures IVF success rates as high as 58%. Attaining so high success rates did not happen in a day. It is a result of continuous hard work and dedication towards the service of the community. Dr. Bakshi is well versed with the use of all latest equipments and processes used in modern IVF treatment.


Know more about Dr. Rita Bakshi:


Dr. Rita Bakshi is a MD in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and holds a MBBS degree from the prestigious Lady Harding Medical College. She has been also associated with AIIMS and obtained advanced training in Tubal Microsurgery. Dr. Bakshi further strengthened her skills as an IVF specialist with diplomas in Assisted Reproductive Technology and Endoscopy.


What makes Dr. Rita Bakshi standout as an IVF specialist:


Dr. Rita Bakshi operates with the sole mission of building families. With over 1000 IVF cycles performed annually she is a leader in Assisted Conception industry. The state of art laboratory at Dr. Rita’s IFC equipped with latest IVF tools allow her to perform treatment in more precise manner with a safer approach adding to the success rate of the IVF cycle. Moreover, you get complete fertility treatment under one roof which makes it easier and affordable for you.


If you are concerned about the success rates of IVF and unable to make call for choosing the best IVF specialist for you, consider a consultation with Dr. Rita Bakshi and all your doubts will be vanished.


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