Is it safe to take metformin when trying to conceive?

Are you trying for your first baby? If yes then having a healthy pregnancy should be your prime concern. You should do you best to ensure your unborn baby’s well-being and follow all the precautions to avoid any complications or birth defects. In some cases, birth defects can be avoided. If you maintain a healthy diet, take daily multivitamins and live healthy. If you are taking this, you might want to know how metformin is beneficial for you and your unborn baby.


What Is Metformin?


Metformin is usually meant for type2 diabetes or PCOS patients. This helps in controlling blood sugar levels and removes birth defects. Women with PCOS who face difficulty in conceiving are generally treated with metformin. This is done because high insulin level is a prime factor behind PCOS.


How Metformin works?


When a patient with type 2 Diabetes takes metformin, the body cells develop resistance to insulin, the key hormone that controls sugar levels in our body. When the cells develop resistance to insulin, the blood sugar levels rise.


It is also useful for women with PCOS as they have high insulin levels causing increased testosterone (male hormone) production. This is a part of PCOS treatment in India since it helps in management of some of its symptoms.


If I conceive, can I continue taking metformin?


Your doctor may advice you to take when pregnant, depending upon your medical history. Women kept on insulin medications may require it for better sugar control. It also prevents gestational diabetes in expecting mothers.


Closing Thoughts


It is safe-to-use before, during and after pregnancy. It is widely available in tablet, powder and liquid form. Even if you miss your metformin dose, you can carry on with the routine. Remember not to take this until and unless your doctor prescribes you.


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