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Is It Hard to Find Surrogacy Centre in India that Cares for You?

It is too hard to find surrogacy centre in India that cares for you and not just fulfills its own monetary requirements. Risaa IVF is a recognized surrogacy centre in Delhi that works on the ethical grounds and not just looks forward to its own profits.


We care for you: Risaa IVF


Risaa IVF located in Green Park, New Delhi ensures your health benefits and then only proceeds further for any infertility treatment or surrogacy. For surrogacy, the health of the child and the surrogate is the topmost priority of the gynecologists at the Risaa IVF.  No compensation or compromise with the health of the surrogate and the child is made. Thorough medical screening of the intended parents and the surrogate is done to ensure that no harm is caused to any of the parties during surrogacy or any other infertility treatment.


Is Surrogacy fit for HIV positive couple?


“You cannot dream to build your own house while ruining others’”. Many surrogacy centres in India leave it on the personal choice of the indented parents and the surrogates whether to carry out surrogacy even after HIV or not. Surrogacy for HIV positive couple is not encouraged and is not carried out at Risaa IVF. The health risks for surrogate increases as she might get infected with HIV or any STIs through the embryo during the pregnancy.


Gynecologists at Risaa IVF are very strict about it and do not jeopardize the surrogate’s health by implanting HIV infected embryo in her uterus. As the doctors believe that even after using advanced technique for sperm washing, sperm might still be infectious and transmit the disease forward.


For couples at early stage of HIV, In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment would be a more suitable option to have a child. Risaa IVF delivers 60% success rates for IVF treatment. Couple that wants to reduce chances of passing HIV on to the next generation can go for IVF treatment with donor sperm.


Best recommended Surrogacy Centre in India


Risaa IVF is the surrogacy centre in India that is highly acknowledged for maintaining transparency between the surrogate mother and the intended parents and the doctors. All the pros and cons of the treatment are already told to the infertile couple and the surrogate. Risaa IVF is the most trustworthy surrogacy centre in India and privacy is highly valued.


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