Highest Success Rates of Surrogacy

Looking for Highest Success Rates of Surrogacy in Delhi? We are Here!!!

Are you giving yourself a hard time in order to find the best fertility centre for surrogacy? Let’s make it simpler and easier for you; Risaa IVF, Delhi is the No.1 provider of the best surrogacy centre in Delhi. Dr. Rita Bakshi, founder of Risaa IVF is the favourite gynecologist for thousands of couples when it comes to surrogacy.

What makes Risaa IVF exclusively the best place for surrogacy?

  • Risaa IVF is ranked as the No.1 fertility center in Delhi for surrogacy and has already delivered more than 1200 surrogate babies.
  • Risaa IVF has a proven record for providing highest success rates of surrogacy without using donor egg or donor sperm.
  • Risaa IVF highly values your money and strive to bring out the best positive result and satisfaction to the patients.
  • Risaa IVF and its staff are blindly trusted and ensure that dignity, honesty, integrity and transparency of the intended parents and the surrogate is maintained.

What does the Surrogacy plan at Risaa IVF offer you?

  • Consultation session with the gynecologist at Risaa IVF.
  • Finding the suitable and appropriate surrogate according to the requirements of intended parents.
  • Medical and psychological screening of the surrogate and investigating her medical history.
  • Agreement and signing consent between the intended parents and surrogate.
  • Stimulation of ovaries to produce eggs using fertility drugs.
  • Egg retrieval and selection of the best fertile embryo to increase pregnancy chances.
  • Implantation of embryo into the surrogate.
  • Complete care of surrogate for nine months including medication.
  • Delivery of your child on the completion of pregnancy period.
  • Follow-up and provide regular guidance to the intended parents after the delivery.

Surrogacy packages at Risaa IVF are much affordable and are designed in a cost-effective way and easy installments so as to reduce the financial burden on the intended parent. Surrogacy cost at Risaa IVF does not cost you any hidden charges or demands any other fees at any stage during the procedure other than stated in the plan.

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