Surrogate Mother at International Fertility Centre

International Fertility Centre (IFC) is the India’s leading fertility centre in India. IFC is the largest provider of surrogacy services with 90% success rates. Surrogate mother at International Fertility Centre is highly acknowledged for offering the wonderful and divine service.

Dr. Rita Bakshi’s contributions for the welfare of surrogate mother

Dr. Rita Bakshi, founder of International Fertility Centre established the NGO named “Upkaar”, a surrogacy welfare trust. She started this welfare trust to provide ethical treatment to surrogate mother and fulfill their needs. She always believes that there is still a greater need to support the surrogate mothers by providing them psychosocial support, nutritional guidance, privacy, stress relief and need based counseling.

Regulations for the benefits for surrogate mother

International Fertility Centre works on the most ethical and moral grounds. IFC strives that no surrogate mother is deprived of any human rights and makes sure that none of the surrogate mother faces exploitation during surrogacy. Surrogate’s welfare and health is the utmost priority for the IFC team. Gynecologists at International Fertility Centre perform many medical tests to find the healthy surrogate fit for surrogacy. Complete medical history of the surrogate is investigated and psychological health check up is also performed to make sure she can handle the huge responsibility of bearing another couple’s child for 9 months.

Surrogate is well counseled, educated and informed of the complete details of the surrogacy procedure. Complete knowledge is provided to her about the after effects of surrogacy and her consent is required in order to continue the surrogacy process. Transparency between intended parents and the surrogate mother is highly taken into consideration. Surrogate mother is well prepared about the delivery process and then handing over the child to the intended couple.

International Fertility Centre ensures that the fund or the payment for surrogacy is directly transferred into the surrogate mother’s bank account. So that she is not deprived of the payment or the monetary benefit after providing the service. Undertaking surrogacy at IFC provides all medical requirements and complete medical guidance or consultation whenever required by the surrogate mother.

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