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Is bleeding in early pregnancy a possible sign of miscarriage?

Around 1 out of 3 pregnant mothers observe vaginal bleeding in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Virtually in almost all cases, it may be an alarm of having a miscarriage. However, the bleeding usually ends and the pregnancy proceeds.


While some cases of bleeding lead to unfortunate miscarriage. In case of such early signs of potential miscarriage, it’s known as threatened miscarriage and when the symptoms confirm a miscarriage in progress called inevitable miscarriage. If all the eggs conception materials release from the uterus during vaginal bleeding leaving the uterus “empty” called complete miscarriage and situations where the conception materials remain in the uterus, it is called an incomplete miscarriage.


What are the possible causes of having vaginal bleeding during pregnancy?


Mild vaginal bleeding referred to as “spotting may occur due to is usually due to hormonally induced eversion of the glandular cells causing erosion develops on the outside of the cervix that extends towards the vagina. The everted glandular tissues are fragile and capable of having trauma. As local bleeding does not promote development of Conceptus, it is usually safe.


How to detect the real cause behind bleeding?


It requires a visual analysis of the vagina and the cervix inlet, provided that the pregnancy has crossed 5-6 weeks, a sonogram will help confirm an unaffected pregnancy. I would advise my parents to be extra careful while using vaginal suppositories and steer clear from sexual penetration until bleeding stops.


There are a few conditions where bleeding occurs at the back of the Conceptus called retrochorionic bleeding. Some amount of blood usually moves down the cervix and the vagina. With the help of a speculum examination, blood can be tracked and a sonogram will unveil the existence of retrochorionic blood clots. In some cases, such bleeding is considered inevitable miscarriage and fades with time, and the pregnancy proceeds. It can be treated through diligent inspection, prevention of aspirin or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, adequate bed rest and avoidance of sexual intercourse until the condition is sustained.


Prior to 7th week of pregnancy, a normal rising blood hCG hormone titer is good indicator that pregnancy is in progress. Similarly, a normal heartbeat is an encouraging find, although, these indicators do not exclude the chance of an inevitable miscarriage.


The common causes of miscarriage are multiple and distinct. In most cases, it happens due to developing Concepts being chromosomally abnormal and sometimes, early miscarriages are observed that occur twice in a row due to poor endometrium lining or immunological dysfunction. Its treatment involves a precise analysis of the cause and selective therapy.


What are the indicators of an Ectopic Pregnancy?


If you experience bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy especially with the onset of sudden abdominal pain in conjunction with pain in right shoulder tip, light headedness or dizziness, it could rule out an ectopic pregnancy. This could be a life endangering situations and requires an emergency surgery.


Patients who suffer from vaginal bleeding should take sufficient bed rest as it might lessen blood less. Unluckily, there is no assured treatment for such kind of bleeding in early pregnancy phase.


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