5 Things that you should know about ICSI Treatment - Dr Rita Bakshi

Infertility treatment offers fresh hope for couples

Every couple after a marriage wishes to have a child. They are hopeful that they can achieve pregnancy up to six months. But not every couple is fortunate enough to achieve the goal of pregnancy. Couples who cannot conceive are faced with problems that are not medically understood, with solutions that are in most cases not adequately explained or available.

Dr. Rita Bakshi, senior IVF specialist believes that there are usually plenty of options for couples. “If conception does not occur within six months to one year of trying then there is certainly some issue. Thus professional advice must be consulted-especially for those women whose age is above 35-year-old.”

With the rapid advancement in medical technology, Dr. Rita Bakshi said that there can be a holistic approach to the treatment of infertility. “There has been a surge in problems such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids and tubal diseases, just to name a few. But effective treatment procedures are available such as IVF treatment, IUI and ICSI.”

In some cases, a patient requires internal surgeries that can involve the testicles, or clearing blockages in the fallopian tube or removing cysts that can grow on the surface of an ovary.

For men, Dr. Rita Bakshi and her team at her IVF in India work closely with patients to improve sperm quality. There are some simple that are involved with male infertility. Smoking, counting the number of sperm in the ejaculate, measuring the sperms’ health, and then running it through a process known as sperm washing—a technique that removes the impurities or dead sperm “to get the best swimmers.

Sperm washing is done through a technique called intrauterine insemination (IUI). It is most beneficial for patients and less expensive fertility treatment in which washed sperms are transferred into the female’s uterus thus to increase the fertilization rate. Another scientific technique widely known as In vitro fertilization or IVF – a process by which an egg is fertilised by sperm outside the body before it is placed back into the female. “IVF is now the most common form of treatment to many fertility issues. We have a very high success rate with this form of treatment. Even couples who couldn’t conceive for five years, and this has worked on the first or second attempt,” Dr. Rita Bakshi, who has gained an extensive experience in assisted reproduction stated.

Besides these techniques, Dr. Rita Bakshi’s IVF centre in Delhi also has more advanced options. The state-of-the-art IVF lab can freeze both the egg and the sperm for insemination at a later date.

When it comes to fertility treatment, it is important for a couple to know their options. Overall, proper planning and right form of treatment is the key to success. Even if your plan is way off in the future, our IVF centre can help preserve the most important parts of your reproductive system.

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