Treatment for Male Infertility

ICSI is a Modern Successful Fertility Treatment for Male Infertility?

Nowadays infertility has become a global issue and affects many couples across the world. Reproductive problems and sedentary lifestyle are the primary reasons of it. Due to infertility couples also get distressed and isolate them from the society. ICSI treatment is a modern latest technique in which best quality of sperm is selected and injected into a mature egg. The fertilization process takes place and the embryo is developed which is implanted into the uterus. ICSI is becoming a successful fertility tool to counteract infertility.


ICSI Treatment at Dr. Rita Bakshi Clinic


Dr. Rita Bakshi is a Senior IVF Specialist and Gynecologist of Risaa IVF has an experience of more than 34 years. Many of the infertile couples have paced in Dr. Rita Bakshi clinic has been blessed with an adorable baby. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a modern fertility treatment abbreviated as ICSI.


ICSI offered


  • If sperm motility is poor
  • Poor number of sperm in the semen
  • Damaged or impaired vas deferens as it helps in transportation of mature sperm
  • Failure of multiple In Vitro Fertilization
  • Poor quality of eggs or low ovarian reserve in females

Benefits of ICSI


There are multiple benefits of Intracytoplasmic Sperm injection, which is fulfilling the dreams of infertile couples in a safe and effective manner. ICSI increases the rate of fertilization. The biological reason for successful ICSI is the selection of best quality of sperm is selected.


Many of the times it is seen that infertile couples take multiple IVF treatments which are unsuccessful due to some reasons. Then doctors suggest for ICSI which increases the chances of fertility. At Rita Bakshi Clinic the treatment of ICSI, available at low costs with highest success rates.

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