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How Every Day Exercise Helps You To Conceive?

Generally, it is said, exercise keeps your body healthy and active. And when it comes to conception, your daily moderate exercise may help, claims a study. Most of the people particularly who are staying on their desk jobs, do not find time for exercising, thus increasing the odds for a successful conception.

Moderate physical activity was found to benefit women of all body types according to a study examining the impact of exercise on fertility, while intense exercise appeared to increase the time to conception for normal weight, but not overweight, women.

Vigorous exercise, may impact fertility

The study found, normal-weight women who exercised vigorously five or more hours a week were 42% less likely to get pregnant in any given month than women who did not exercise at all. Those who exercised vigorously on daily basis have very lower chances to achieve conception. The studies observed even relatively small amounts of vigorous activity seemed to impact fertility.

Exercise maintain hormonal-balance

Daily exercise is a sign of a healthy life, but one has to do with making it effective that can also prevent infertility. Fertility experts believe that a daily workout can cut extra fat from the belly area which helps the body\’s pancreas secrete proper levels of hormones, leading to better reproductive health.

Check out lifestyle-factors

Lifestyle-related diseases are increasing in urban cities due to the problem of hormone imbalance. And the reports indicate Indians have a tendency to gain fat around the centre of the body -the belly area -which usually leads to problem like improper functioning of the pancreas and ultimately causes hormonal imbalance. These things certainly create problems of pimples, acne, facial hair and irregular menstruation cycle in unmarried girls. And most then suffer with problems with fertility after marriage, believes fertility experts.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

The hormonal disorder, medically known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), is the most common among women of reproductive age, and has increased among the city\’s women by around 15 to 20%. Many of them are affected by hormonal imbalances, and daily exercise can prevent such hormone-related diseases. According to doctors six months of daily exercise with a proper diet, medication and strict routine is required to address hormone imbalances.

Exercising is helpful for men too and may boost their sperm count. In particular, men who lift weights or spend time working or exercising outdoors tended to have a higher-than-average sperm concentration in their semen, the doctor said.

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