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Does IVF Treatment increase chances of successful pregnancy?

The most common dilemma couples face is whether to take IVF treatment or wait to conceive naturally. Well, it is totally up to you how soon do you want to have a baby but if you want to speed up the process, IVF treatment is the best option. IVF treatment sure does increase the chances of getting pregnant. Success rate at International Fertility Centre for IVF treatment is 55-60% which is very high when in the world it is only 70%.

How does IVF treatment work?

Conceiving naturally might not be possible for many couples, especially, if the fallopian tubes of female partner are blocked. In IVF treatment, eggs are retrieved and placed with the sperm in the petri dish forming an embryo. If the embryo formed is of good quality, it is only then embryo is transferred into the woman’s uterus which increases the chances of successful pregnancy.

IVF Treatment at International Fertility Centre, Delhi

Risaa IVF Fertility Centre, Delhi has delivered happiness in lives of so many couples by providing them the best infertility treatment. More than ten thousand couples have had successful IVF treatment at IFC.

At IFC, we have the most talented and experienced gyneacologists and embryologists that take care of every detail during the process as it requires great attention and care.

During IVF treatment at IFC, we do not transfer an embryo into the woman’s uterus if it is of bad quality or shows any abnormalities. This decreases the chances of miscarriages and leads to successful pregnancy.

For IVF Treatment, if the embryo formed is of bad quality, we recommend donor egg or donor sperm. We also carry out Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) to make sure that there are no chromosomal abnormalities which might adversely affect the development of the embryo.

Sometimes, it takes more than one IVF cycle to get pregnant and there is nothing to be disappointed or to lose hope. International Fertility Centre is offering three IVF cycles at the cost of one IVF cycle to reduce your financial burden.

To know more about the IVF treatment at Risaa IVF, email us at [email protected] or call us at +919555544422/21.

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