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All you need to know about secondary infertility and how to overcome it?

What is the meaning of Secondary Infertility?


Secondary Infertility is a condition where a couple has one child and is planning for a second baby but are unable to conceive.


Why does second infertility happen?


Maternal Age: The mother’s age is an important factors to cause secondary infertility. Couples usually prefer to delay their second pregnancy as they find conceiving a tough job and already have a baby of their own. The decline of ovarian reserve occurs with the age of the woman. A woman is born with millions of eggs, which gradually reduce with age. Therefore, increase the risks of miscarriages.


Pelvic/tubal factors: Sexually transmitted disease, endometriosis or history of ruptured appendix results in pelvic adhesions that affect the chances of egg to be picked by fallopian tubes. For example, if there were difficulties before delivey and a woman has uterine infection, she may be suffering from Asherman’s syndrome.


Male factor: Frequent changes in quality and quantity of sperm can happen due to several reasons. A poor sperm quality minimizes the chances of successful conception.


Lifestyle issues: In case of women, body weight directly affects the ability to conceive. Excessive weight gain may cause ovulatory diseases. With the increasing women’s weight, there is simultaneous increase in the insulin resistance levels in the body. This increases the testosterone levels causing anovulation. In case of men, heavy weight elevates male estrogen levels negatively affecting the sperm production.


How do we help our patients to deal with Secondary Infertility?


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