Reasons Behind IUI Cycle Failure

You Should Know The Reasons Behind IUI Cycle Failure

IUI is the most frequent fertility treatment. It doesn’t require much technical expertise, and due to this reason the cost of IUI treatment is reasonably low. Most gynecologist recommend IUI as the first treatment option.


There are various reasons behind IUI cycle failure


Age: Increasing age of a woman decreases the quality of egg. There are 25% chances of conceiving at the age of 18, but later on at the age of 40, it decreases drastically to 6 to 4 percent.

Quality of egg: If a woman ovulate eggs with poor quality, it won’t fertilize. There is an internal defect in the low quality eggs, as they have chromosomal problems and are unable to divide after fertilization.

Blocked fallopian tubes: There is a physical barrier occurs in blocked tubes, which prevents the egg and sperm from coming into contact. Blocked tubes occur due to various problems, such as:

  • Uterine infection due to abortion or miscarriage
  • Ruptured appendix
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Endometriosis

Poor timing: Timing is actually a very critical factor in fertilization. When egg is released from the ovary, it needs about 12 hours to become fertilized. If there is a failure in fertilization, the egg disintegrates.

Unable to ovulate: Without ovulation there is no egg for fertilization. And due to this a complete failure of IUI occurs.

Poor sperm quality: Even if there is an adequate sperm count and malformed, they won’t be able to have a physical ability to penetrate the egg and fertilize.


How many IUI one should try before going for IVF treatment?


One should move on to IVF treatment after three failed cycles.

  • If the age of female is 40 or more
  • If overian reserve is low

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