What is the Male Factor Infertility? - Dr Rita Bakshi

What is the Male Factor Infertility?

The term male factor infertility is commonly unknown to the general public. Many men who would be suffering with it are unaware of the condition. Whatever the reason may be behind it, one thing is sure that the number is increasing and people have to discuss and understand the issue. Whether you are young or old, live in India or abroad, male factor infertility could affect every man in the society.


Male Factor Infertility is a condition when men have an insufficient amount of healthy sperm to cause pregnancy in a woman. Usually infertility is supposed to occur due to women, but in reality more than 50 percent of infertility is due to men.


As the global data is ascending in male infertility cases it is very important to test both partners for various fertility parameters.


Earlier, there were fewer options and possibilities in male infertility treatments due to the lack of research and development and case studies. With time, proven studies and results, medical science has developed state-of-the-art technology to overcome these factors.


A healthy man has properly working pituitary gland, hypothalamus, and testes. So causes of a male’s infertility vary on many factors. If you want to get an infertility test done then your health physician will ask your medical history. The second step is to get a physical examination done. The third step is to get a semen analysis or sperm evaluation done that explains the cause of infertility and decides which treatment is necessary.


Presently, under the advanced science, many treatments are available from numerous assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to surgical procedures and non-surgical medication therapy.


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