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What is the cost of An ICSI treatment at Fertility Clinics in Delhi?

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is best way to treat male factor infertility wherein the process of conception is hinders due to the male partner. ICSI is an advanced form of in-vitro fertilization treatment that helps couples to achieve the dream of parenthood. It is mainly used in case where the patient is suffering from low sperm count or poor quality of sperms. It enhances the chances of fertilization and a successful pregnancy.

What is Intracytoplasmic sperm injection?


In an ICSI cycle, the specialist selects one high grade sperm of good motility and morphology and inserted it directly into the egg for the process of fertilization to begin and result in a successful pregnancy. During the procedure, special tools and equipment’s are used to perform the entire process from picking up the best sperm to injecting it to the core of the egg called zona pellucida.

The process requires experience and great precision.The procedures involve in the cycle are very critical and complicated and one needs to be stay very careful while performing it, as it is a very delicate and sensitive process. All the fertility clinics that practice ICSI cycle pay utmost attention and take all the precautionary measures before they begin with the procedure.

For whom ICSI cycle is?


Typically, it is recommended in cases when someone has issues related to low sperm count or any other abnormalities with the sperms. In case if someone has zero sperm count then it is advisable for them to undergo retrieved surgical treatment such as PESA (percutaneous epididymis sperm aspiration) or TESA (Testicular sperm

There are cases when ICSI cycle turned to be the best option available to overcome infertility. Some of the conditions are as follows

  • Even if someone has low sperm count and they don’t want to continue the procedure with donor sperms.
  • In case if one is suffering from infertility issues with very low concentration and motility of sperms in the semen sample.
  • Couples with history of previous failed IVF cycle.
  • If the female partner is a poor responder and produces less number of eggs.


Cost of an ICSI Treatment at fertility clinic in Delhi


Almost every fertility clinic in Delhi offers ICSI cycle along with IVF treatment with an affordable price. It is a low cost procedure and an effective way to overcome infertility. In recent years Delhi has become a hub of such fertility clinics that offers ICSI cycle and other fertility treatments. The best thing is the transparency of the treatment that unfolds the overall cost of an ICSI treatment without any hidden charges and good quality.

Success rate of an ICSI cycle in Delhi at Risaa IVF


The success rates of an ICSI cycle are comparatively high as compared to the conventional IVF cycle performed with any other fertility parameter. The success ratio of an ICSI cycle has reached from seventy five to eighty percent. At International fertility Centre, we have achieved success in eighty percent of the cases with higher success rates than standard IVF. In cases if patients have former failed ICSI cycles then we advise them other surgical treatments and try to help them in best way possible.

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