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What fertility doctors usually forget to think about?

Couples or individuals visit fertility specialists to seek the right treatment and have a happy parenthood or simply to overcome their fertility issues. Sometimes, the infertility experts are unable to understand the patient’s requirements. For example, to treat a patient with chocolate cyst, the fertility doctors would plan a treatment plan depending upon the cyst size, age factor of the patient and whether she has any symptoms.

However, there is one criterion which often goes missing in medical education which should be foremost question asked by an infertility specialist. Unfortunately, they are unaware of this and the question is – “What the patient actually wants?”

Doctors should always remember that they are not curing the disease but treating human beings. Every doctor should consider the patient’s personal choice and goals. This means that the 25-year old woman with chocolate cyst who wants to become a mother requires a different treatment from that of a 25-year old woman with chocolate cyst who only wishes to get relief from the pain caused.

Until and unless, each doctor doesn’t adopt this routine thinking pattern, we cannot be called good clinicians. We will fail in everything we do, be it providing care to and satisfying our patients, since the patient’s choice remain ignored or disregarded. In short, the patient’s inputs should be our priority and then we should decide which treatment shall be followed accordingly.

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