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What are The Factors to Consider Before an IUI Procedure?

Before going for any treatment, one must ensure that he is well aware of all the facts and factors that are related to the procedure. When it’s about undergoing an IUI procedure, we found the following observations:

Male Factors


First of all, IUI is not at all preferred in cases of severe male Infertility, as it can only be employed in cases of mild male infertility, but an extensive semen analysis still remains a vital factor. You can consider the process only in cases where sperm motility is less than 20% and/or sperm concentration of less than 15 Million/ml. Sperm preparation can be performed to achieve a healthy concentration of motile sperms. The samples can be processed by simple sperm wash using a culture medium or by density gradient centrifugation method.

Female Factors


One of the most significant female factors directly associated with IUI is her age. The age of a female indicates the egg quality. The quality of oocytes decreases with increasing age of a woman so you need to take a call whether to go with IUI or not. It is a common practice these days to use fertility medication for women of advanced age prior to an IUI procedure. However, if infertility is caused due to tubal blockage, then it is not a favorable condition for IUI. The chances of conception through IUI seems to be fewer in women with a history of pelvic inflammation.

Factors related to both intending parents:


IUI can be an effective treatment procedure when infertility is due to the cervical factor or ovulatory dysfunction including the cases of unexplained infertility. Some studies have shown that the duration of infertility can also be a deciding factor.

IUI is a commonly used treatment option for infertility. Though the success rates of an IUI treatment cycle differ from person to person, a wise analysis of the success determining factors before proceeding can push you closer to a positive outcome. So, if looking for a wise advise, consult an experienced specialist who can guide you with the best and supports you throughout the treatment process.

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