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Tips to deal with hip pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting phase. However, it brings along pains and aches as your body undergoes great change. Hip pain is one common sign you may experience that causes discomfort during the final weeks of pregnancy, mostly in the third trimester. There are many factors behind hip pain during pregnancy. When your body is preparing for labor or if there is increased pressure on the sciatic nerve or an enlarged uterus, it results in numbness or a tingling sensation in hips and thighs.


Here are a few tips you can follow to get relief from hip pain during pregnancy:


  • Maintain proper posture, especially in the second and third trimester when your body loses its balance due to growing baby’s weight.
  • Mild-intensity exercises or having a walk in your area for 30 minutes a day leads to healthy body weight. It lowers the amount of pressure on the pelvis, which may cause hip pains.
  • Do not sleep cross-legged as it puts more pressure on the hips, causing more pain. Try sleeping with legs parallel to each other.
  • Place a pillow beneath your bump to avoid rolling forward.
  • Place an extra layer of padding above or under the hip joint as per comfort. A sleeping bag or quilt is a great option for pain relief.
  • While standing, hold your shoulders back, head up and pelvis tucked in.
  • Avoid wearing high heels as it may create pressure on your thigh and hip muscles. Opt for flats that support your body weight and prevent imbalance.
  • Practicing exercises to strengthen both back and abdominal muscles.
  • Taking a warm bath or apply warm compressions at the site of pain.
  • Alternately, use an ice pack to get instant relief.
  • Avoid pain killers. However, if unavoidable, follow-up with your doctor to make sure whether taking painkillers is safe during this period.


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