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Are you gaining too much body weight during pregnancy?

Have you gained a lot of weight during pregnancy? Do not panic. It’s common for women to have those extra kilos of weight in the pregnancy phase. No matter what the reason is, the problem comes when your weight goes beyond recommended weight gain during pregnancy.


Here are a few tips that will help you shed that unwanted body weight:


  • Focus on small and frequent meals rich in lean proteins, fruit and vegetables for total nourishment of you and your baby.
  • Prefer healthy snacks every three hours to avoid overeating at mealtimes. This helps in keeping your blood sugar levels in control throughout the day.
  • Avoid eating too much of simple starchy foods such as white bread, rice and pasta that lack nutritional factor and raises your blood sugar levels. Instead opt for brown rice, whole grain breads and pastas. These will keep you full for longer hours so that you are less likely to give in to unhealthy cravings later in the day.
  • Fruits like oranges, apples, berries and plums rich in fiber and high water content are best.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day for lesser hunger cravings between meals and snacks. This will also aid in digestion and prevent bloating.
  • Take vitamin, mineral, calcium and iron supplements for you and your baby’s good health.
  • Start a simple walking regime for 30 minutes daily and continue to do it after pregnancy as well.
  • Learn the best kind of exercises that are safe and effective in weight loss during pregnancy.


Closing Thoughts


You took nine months to gain the weight and slimming down is quite challenging. So no matter how long it takes, try not to get frustrated. Stay motivated and keep a regular track on what and when you eat.


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