Pre-Conception Care

Pre-conception care and counseling at Risaa IVF

My clinic Risaa IVF, a premier IVF clinic in India, aspires to achieve the goal of “At least one child per couple.


Today, I am going to discuss the importance of Pre-conception care and counseling for every couple.


Caring for your health when trying to conceive aids in early detection of any possible risks and treating existing medical issues. Having a proper plan before you approach pregnancy will help you make healthy choices for yourself and your baby.


If you are planning to conceive then you and your partner should consult a gynaecologist, who will record your complete medical history. Depending upon your medical history, she will advise you the best medications and treatment method as and when required. Also, she would advise you to undergo a couple of tests to detect any future abnormality in your unborn baby or genetic defects.


Preconception counseling is not a one-day work. You need to visit your gynaecologist more often. If you have a chronic disease like diabetes or any autoimmune disorder, you should consult a medical practitioner who is most familiar with your condition, apart from your gynaecologist.


The objective of Pre-conception care counseling is to make sure that a woman achieves pregnancy along with good, which will indicate healthy well-being of herself and her baby.


What to expect during preconception counseling?


Your gynaecologist may determine your ability to conceive naturally on the basis of below criteria:


  • History of previous pregnancies, menstrual cycle, contraceptive use, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and vaginal infections.
  • Medical history of surgeries, transfusions, hospitalizations, existing and pre-existing medical conditions, allergies and current medication course.
  • Family history of genetic defects, diabetes, twins, congenital conditions and much more.
  • Lifestyle habits including stress, physical fitness, diet, intake of caffeine, tobacco, alcohol or drugs.


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