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On failure of IVF why Doctors suggest for Hysteroscopy?

For infertile couples, IVF is a blessing as it enables them to accomplish with parenthood. But sometimes due to reproductive problems, IVF doesn’t succeed, which is quiet bothering.Unsuccessful IVF is claimed to genetic problems, or complication in the woman’s uterus. To overcome from this problem, modern medical procedure,i.e. Hysteroscopy is remarkably significant which assess the uterine problems.


Hysteroscopy at Dr. Rita Bakshi Clinic


Hysteroscopy is a minimal invasive surgery done with the help of a hysteroscope (a tiny telescope). This is a long, thin lighted device inserted into the uterus through the vagina to visualize the inside of the uterine cavity on a video monitor at the Dr. Rita Bakshi clinic.


Hysteroscopy applied in following medical conditions


  • Abnormal uterine bleeding: Uterine bleeding is often painful can be due to cervical cancers or some other types of tumors. Most of the times, causes are undiagnosed, in such case hysteroscopy is very important as it analyzes the uterine cavity. Medical issues are diagnosed accurately by the doctors andtreatment is provided accordingly.
  • For semen analysis: To evaluate the characteristics of semen and sperm quality, to cope up with infertility.
  • Trans-vaginal ultrasound: Transvaginal literally means through the vagina. This is also known as pelvic ultrasound to examine female reproductive organs like fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix and vagina.
  • Blood tests for ovarian function: These blood tests measure the level of ovarian hormone i.e. progesterone which is crucial for a healthy pregnancy.


Advantages of Hysteroscopy


Failure of IVF cycle can be distressing, but with the introduction of medical procedure like hysteroscopy is a boon for females. Nowadays hysteroscopy is suggested by doctors before IVF treatment for successful pregnancy. It removes the polyps or scar tissue if present,which ensures the fertility rate.


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