Reason for Failed IVF

IVF Failed- What next? Why did my IVF cycle fail?

Failed IVF. Confusion, disappointment and may be anger, most couples face after they have a failed cycle. It is indeed an emotional and financial loss after having an initial failed IVF. And the women are lost in a deep thought, what next?


IVF Failed – What next?


The first and foremost thing is take yourself a break for a week so as to feel fresh, and then decide what to do next. The fact of the matter is that many women who have had a failed IVF cycle will have a successful pregnancy on a second or even a third cycle. Generally, there cannot be a simple answer why a woman had a failed IVF cycle. However, the issues revolving around your first cycle will determine the success of your next cycle and more likely to result a positive pregnancy.


Why did my IVF cycle fail?


When a woman starts to think again what to do next after a failed cycle, she is compounded with a question, ‘why did my cycle fail’? And from this, your doctor determines whether to go ahead for second cycle or not? Actually, a lot more prognosis is done only after a women has been unsuccessful with the first cycle. From ovarian stimulation to the embryo transfer be it the quality of eggs, fertilization rate, or the quality of embryos, each and everything is being discussed before you head on to the next. Besides that, embryo developmental issues including cell stages, fragmentation or grading of embryos, scoring of day 3 or day 5 transfer, should also be discussed or reviewed with your fertility expert.


In order to have a convincing answer, couples usually ask this question. Though there is not direct and short answer, but many couples will have a successful second IVF. It depends on many factors that include:


  • Woman’s age
  • Number of eggs
  • Quality of the eggs
  • Sperm quality
  • Controlling IVF ovarian stimulation
  • IVF lab quality and skills of the embryologist
  • Number of eggs retrieved
  • Embryo quality
  • Genetic and chromosomal competence of the embryos


If you want to increase the chances of success in your second cycle, make sure that the doctor has carefully reviewed all the issues discussed above. If you are not satisfied with the existing doctor, you can go for second opinion for IVF treatment. In some clinics, reproductive endocrinologists are not focused on IVF and may not have state-of-the-art lab and modern equipment’s.


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