Health Risks for the Twins and the Mother

IVF and Twin Birth: Health Risks for the Twins and the Mother

Twins do look cute and are very adorable. With IVF procedures the chances of having twins increases. In-vitro Fertilization is the process of forming an embryo outside the human body in a test tube by fertilizing an egg and a sperm and then inserting an embryo into the woman’s uterus. You can have a fair chance of having twins with the help of IVF procedure as the probability of giving birth to twins increases through IVF treatment.


Health Risks for the Twins and the Mother


But you have to be on toes for handling twins after birth. Twin birth is expensive and involves high cost expenditures in raising them. Getting pregnant with twin kids involves many health risks for the mother as well as the twins. Parents should be well counseled with the pros and cons of the twin pregnancy. The mother should be aware of the risk caused by twin pregnancy.


Problems caused by twins’ pregnancy for the babies


  • Children born through twin pregnancy are usually premature due to increased chances of preterm labor.
  • Twin birth or multiple births often causes low birth weight. Babies with low birth weight are generally unhealthy and more susceptible to infection.
  • Pre mature birth often results in still birth and increased death rate.
  • Child born through pre mature delivery often suffers with cerebral palsy, vision and hearing loss.


Problems caused to woman carrying twins


  • Chances of Caesarian section delivery increases during twin pregnancy.
  • Sometimes during twin pregnancy, when blood vessels of twins are attached to a placenta of the mother, balance of the blood flow between the two blood vessels might not be the same and one baby might suffer deficiency of blood. This phenomenon is often referred to as Twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). It is not good for the mother or the babies.
  • Woman carrying twins usually experiences high blood pressure and generalized swelling which is harmful for the mother and the babies too. This condition is also medically referred as pre-eclampsia.
  • Gestational diabetes and poly hydramnious is a commonly found problem in the women carrying twins.


Therefore, giving birth to a single child is safer than giving birth to twins and should be avoided as much as possible.


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