Does the Age of A Man Matters for Successful IVF Results?

Age plays a significant role in IVF pregnancy. Rate of pregnancy decreases as one grows older and results in failed IVF treatment. Most of the fertility centers do not encourage IVF treatment after 40 years of age. Percentage of women with successful IVF pregnancy rate after 35 years of age is very low.


But the dilemma is: Whether the age of a man matters for successful IVF treatment or not?


For attaining positive pregnancy results through IVF age of both, male and female, is of equal importance. Woman alone can no more be blamed for infertility and IVF failure. In IVF, sperm that is used to fertilize an egg of the partner should be of good quality to provide positive results for pregnancy. Good quality sperm is determined by its morbidity, motility, concentration and volume. Sperm should be able to fertilize an egg when combined during IVF treatment. Even after the IVF treatment and women attaining pregnancy, there are fair chances of miscarriage due to weak sperm quality.

  • As the age of the man increases, the sperm quality deteriorates. In modern lifestyle, unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption and smoking habits are usually included which results in low sperm count and poor quality sperm.
  • Declining sleep due to late night parties, working late or night shifts contributes to hindrances in producing good quality sperms.
  • In busy life and in a race to achieve goals, stress is more prominent in men that results in decreased sperm production and sperm quality weakens.
  • As the age of the man increases, erectile dysfunction becomes more prevalent. With ageing, man faces erection and ejaculation issues.
  • Semen concentration and volume decreases with old age of a man.
  • Frequency of sperm production and semen ejaculation decreases with the increasing age.

Therefore, it is beneficial for couples to plan a child while they are young so as to avoid pregnancy complications and to enjoy happy parenting.


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